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Summer Pahabol Ideas but Indoors: Going All-Out with Grab for a Bahaycation

Summer Pahabol Ideas but Indoors: Going All-Out with Grab for a bahaycation

And just like that, Summer is almost over. As the monsson season raises its head, now is the right time to end Summer with a climactic slam - indoors! The ideal celebration to say goodbye to this season doesn't care about the gloomy weather. And a bahaycation might just be the best way to spend the summer with your loved ones because of the variety of adventures that are made possible by the leading superapp Grab.

As the monsoon season rears its head, it’s time to end summer with a climactic bash – indoors! No fussing over the moody weather for the perfect farewell fête to this season. And with the array of adventures made possible by leading superapp Grab, a bahaycation may just be the best Summer hurrah for you and your loved ones.

Here are some ideas for your pahabol Summer adventures!

Summer Pahabol Ideas but Indoors: Going All-Out with Grab for a bahaycation

Host a laidback indoor foodie party

Summer is all about enjoying the company of loved ones through special moments shared with one another. What better way to bid Summer adieu than just relaxing and unwinding with your favorite persons at home? 

And thanks to reliable online food delivery platforms like GrabFood, you can curate a unique gastronomic experience from a wide range of cuisines with just a few clicks. GrabFood touts a culinary expedition like no other – from its exclusive food merchants on GrabFood Signatures, to its must-try community mom-and-pop shops on IndieEats. 

Embrace the convenience of online delivery and free yourself from the kitchen hassles. Instead, devote your time to connecting with your loved ones while eagerly anticipating the arrival of your favorite dishes. And don’t forget to throw in some exciting activities like boardgames and the quintessential Pinoy part fave – videoke!

Bingewatch with the squad

New movies and series were launching like hotcakes over the Summer, and it's about time you catch up on the latest of silver screen entertainment with your friends! Start fluffing the pillows, set the dramatic lighting, and order the midnight snacks for an all-nighter bingewatch. But by all means, skip the queues and forget the traffic going to the grocery store – just order tubs of ice cream, packs of chips, and other gourmet treats and themed cocktails on GrabMart, Grab’s on-demand essentials delivery service. GrabMart boasts a broad variety of items that can help you create special moments in an instant. 

With the familiar cozy venue, chill ambiance, captivating movie selection, and delectable treats, you're bound to create a great bingewatch session; and not to mention the hours of joint movie review and much-awaited tête-à-tête afterwards! 

Have your much needed alone time

There is no rule saying that Summer can only be great if experienced with someone. If you feel like ending Summer with some alone time, then create that special experience for you! Embrace the tranquility of me-time and enjoy some indoor activities! Settle into a cozy nook with a captivating book or immerse yourself in the world of movies and binge-watch your favorite series. Engage your creative side by exploring arts and crafts, painting, or writing in a personal journal. Take time for self-reflection and mindfulness through meditation or practicing yoga. Or even pamper yourself with self-care rituals like a soothing bubble bath or a DIY spa day. The sky is the limit when it comes to spoiling yourself this Summer. Carve out special moments for yourself and enjoy the journey of self-exploration with activities you yourself can design using the safe, reliable, and convenient services of Grab – from mobility to on-demand delivery. 

If you are culminating your Summer with Grab, you may just be in for a lovely surprise. Capping off Grab’s All Out Summer campaign is its array of amazing prizes. If you enthusiastically embraced Grab for your summer adventures, be on high alert as you might be the fortunate winner of a trip for four to Europe. The lucky draw will take place on June 13, so stay tuned for the announcement of the winner. Other awesome prizes such as iPhone 14 Pro, SEDA Hotel staycations, and gift certificates are also up for grabs! Winners will be notified via email and their Grab app inbox. 

So curate your last Summer hurrah with Grab now. A special prize from the leading superapp may just be the cherry on top of your Summer adventures. 

Grab is a leading superapp in Southeast Asia, operating across the deliveries, mobility and digital financial services sectors. Serving over 500 cities in eight Southeast Asian countries - Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam - Grab enables millions of people everyday to order food or groceries, send packages, hail a ride or taxi, pay for online purchases or access services such as lending and insurance, all through a single app. Grab was founded in 2012 with the mission to drive Southeast Asia forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone, and strives to serve a triple bottom line: to simultaneously deliver financial sustainability and have a positive social and environmental impact in Southeast Asia.

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