Thursday, December 10, 2015

BIOGESIC BANIG-BAYAN Remembering our OFW Families

December 5, 2015, at Auxiliary, Unilab Corporate Center held the Biogesic Banig Bayan Project Blogger's Day!

How does an OFW life look like, we always think and say na "Ay abroad yan" but in truth, it is not glamorous. Because people think that since they work in a foreign country, they're making loads of money and are living the life, they don't talk about the poor living conditions, bone-breaking work, the loneliness. OFW's don't want their families to worry.

They've sacrificed a lot to work abroad. So they're constantly paranoid that they'll lose their job and everything will fall apart. They over-perform and over-deliver. Even when very ill, they don't miss a workday. The event takes extra jobs during weekends.

An OFW's life, away form family and old friends, is a life of isolation. It doesn't matter how many new friends they make.

They wish for the familiarity of home, where there are people who've known them their entire lives. They're constantly talking to family over YM chat, Viber, Kakao Talk, Wechat and Skype, pero iba parin ang magkakasama. Can you just imagine 5-8 years ago when the only means of communication is via mail, email and of course by calling their families? But now with the help of technology communication is now much better especially by texting.

Even the most strongest OFW need the comforting from homesickness. Now kahit hindi mo sila kasama, ang ingat at pagkalinga mo'y ipakita't ipadama sa kanila. They can't be home, so send home to them.

We’ve come across many OFW stories one way or another. Still, among us are those who have romantic notions of the kind of lives they have abroad. People could not see past the pasalubongs and the happy photos OFWs post online, which is worrisome because, in reality, not all OFWs live the good life abroad. But they would not talk about it. Some would not share their everyday situations abroad and would rarely admit that they get lonely.

Their reason is understandable. They naturally display strength because most of the time, they are all their families have. They expect themselves to be the strong-willed ones because they have to in order to provide their family with the best life. Their hopes and dreams are for those they left behind. They are, in fact, the prime epitome of a caregiver. 

But even carers need caring. And honestly, they are the ones who need it most. 

What we know is this: The reason why Skype and Messenger are one of the most used apps by OFWs is that these somehow make them feel like they never left. It is their temporary remedy for longing and missing out. Still, it falls short in making them feel the care and love from home–– especially at a time like Christmas. 

And we thought, if Home would make their Christmas, yet they could not come home for it, let us send home to them. So in the spirit of giving, Biogesic wanted to move families to care for their ultimate providers, the givers of care who are thousands of kilometers away. And we did this through the very first Biogesic Banig-bayan program. 

Inspired by the balik-bayan box, Biogesic created a special package for families here to carry items they would want to send. It could hold anything from items they miss from home to symbols of life events OFWs would wish they were a part of––truly pieces of home that would make their Christmas whole. 

The Banig-bayan carries the message that Ingat and care would still be felt even if they are apart. Biogesic inspired families to make their OFWs feel they are loved, remembered, and missed. And by the deep expressions of gratitude, heart-tugging stories, and tears of joy, the Banig-bayans would make all the difference for their Christmas to be truly merry and immensely felt. 

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