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Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau TCEB Press Conference

The Press Conference was held at Makati Diamond Residences on December 9, 2015 at 10AM. 

With Jaruwan Suwanassat, Exhibitions and Events Director Together with Dr. Mina Gabor former President of CITEM (Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions). former Secretary of Department of Tourism and President of International School of Sustainable Tourism.

Question and answer portion from the guests

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), a government agency operating under supervision of the Prime Minister responsible for the promotion and development of Thailand M.I.C.E (meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions) industry, is organizing for the 4th year the THAILAND – PHILIPPINE ROADSHOW 2015 in Manila, Philippines which aims to further strengthen the bilateral collaboration and trade promotion between the two countries through MICE.  

The discussion runs about how to boost Thailand’s strategic cooperation for the Philippine market, TCEB had launched the “Extra Exhibitions: Expand Business Opportunities in the ASEAN” promotion campaign.

Thailand Bolsters Exhibition Ties with the Philippines.
Extra Benefits will be offered through ‘Thailand Extra Exhibition’

With the Philippines considered as one of the priority countries for Thailand for trade, the Thailand government ups its marketing efforts and bolsters its exhibition platform as a gateway to do business with the ASEAN market.

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) takes the lead on behalf of its government in the development and success of Thailand's MICE sector with the launch of 
"Extra Exhibitions: Expand Business Opportunities in ASEAN" on Dec. 9 and 10,  at the Makati Diamond Residences Hotel in Ayala Center, Makati City. 

TCEB has chosen Manila to be the venue of the international launch of the promotional campaign which will serve as a business matching platform for Thai-registered public exhibition organizers (PEO) engaged in trade, energy, food and agriculture, health and wellness, and automotive and logistics to present and promote their trade shows with Philippine trade associations. 

Bilateral trade between the two countries has reached more than $5 billion annually in recent years, with Thailand as the Philippines’ eighth largest trading partner in 2014.  On the other hand, the Philippines is Thailand’s 6th largest trading partner in the ASEAN and the 18th biggest in the world. 

Last year, visiting Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha cited that bilateral trade between the two countries grew at 10 percent and urged the two countries to ‘’work even more closely together to enhancing the ‘Partnership for Prosperity’ between Thailand and the Philippines and strengthening the ASEAN community at large.” 

In that same visit, President Aquino noted that San Miguel Corp., Liwayway Food Industries Co. Ltd., Goldilocks, and Monde Nissin “have established their presence” in Thailand, while Thai enterprises have “likewise opened doors of opportunity” for Filipinos. 

At least eight PEOs will participate in the event which hopes to generate awareness of TCEB and promote exhibitions and extra exhibitions in Thailand, as well as, expand business opportunities in ASEAN with industry professionals. 

Thailand Extra Exhibition
Expand Your Business Opportunities in ASEAN

An exhibition in Thailand becomes a high-potential marketplace offering extra benefits and connections, all while producing productive outcomes. Thailand helps build strong connections across the region and the world, giving access to these extra benefits. 

Seamlessly linking ASEAN through its upgraded infrastructure development plan, Thailand is taking its place as a regional connectivity capital, allowing all exhibitions to enjoy extra benefits. The infrastructure development and expansion projects will facilitate better distribution of resources, goods and information, both within Thailand, in the region, and to world markets.

The Kingdom’s connections and collaboration with other countries have further improved and trade has expanded, while its network of free trade agreements has further opened up access to the market both within and outside the region. These have made the country a regional trade center and a production and export powerhouse for various industries, the most notable of which include the automotive, energy, and agro-industries.

Through exhibitions, Thailand enhances connections to create new milestones, and strong business links alongside integration with its industry professionals and alliances will empower this connection. Exhibitions in Thailand enjoy the real power of connections - and even one connection can build bridges to unlimited opportunities. 

Ultimate Central Marketplace
Expand Connection for Extra Business Benefits 

Exhibitions in Thailand offer easy access to the region’s dynamic marketplace, including the Kingdom’s own booming domestic economy and those of neighboring countries. Thailand today plays a major role in promoting regional cooperation and integration. Exhibitions in Thailand benefit from a new level of sophistication and a wide spectrum of services – benefiting both organizers and participants alike.
  • ASEAN Connectivity Capital - The country is fast becoming the ASEAN Capital of Connectivity, thanks to its infrastructure development plan resulting in efficient transportation links throughout the region. Such seamless connectivity gives exhibitions in Thailand extra benefits and better connections.
  • Asia’s Crossroad - Thailand is primed to take center stage by emerging at Asia’s crossroads, with its diverse destinations right at the heart of the fast-growing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) and the Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam (CLMV) area, a newly emerging market offering great business potential.
  • World’s Destination - Thailand is a world-recognized business events paradise, thanks to its abundance of diverse, cutting-edge exhibition venues, stunning choice of hotels and accommodation across the country, and upgraded telecommunication infrastructure.

Trade Powerhouse
Expanded Liberalisation for Extra Trade Empowerment. 

Exhibitions in Thailand are the springboard to link businesses to the marketplaces of ASEAN, Asia, and the world. Thailand places a great emphasis on expanding regional collaboration and building stronger regional networks while developing and strengthening the exhibitions industry, both in the Kingdom and in other ASEAN+6 member countries. Thailand will be a platform for business empowerment by
  • ASEAN MICE Collaboration - The ASEAN MICE Collaboration initiative will link up exhibitions in Thailand with the integrated trading market of the AEC, further connecting them to the global supply chain. 
  • Asia’s Trade Powerhouse - Thailand’s connections and collaboration with other countries will further improve and expand trade promotion. Thailand’s allure stems from its role as a regional powerhouse of production and export. Thailand’s six free trade agreements (FTAs) with Australia, China, India, New Zealand and the 10 member countries of ASEAN have made the country an even more attractive marketplace for exhibitions. 
  • World’s Spotlight Industry -  The country’s industrial production has grown and diversified rapidly both in long-established and newly emerging industry. Exports of electronics, automotive and auto parts, sectors in which foreigners are heavily invested, have increased significantly. Not only have FTAs drastically expanded duty-free access to 2.87 billion people, key industries have been liberalized, logistics streamlined and regulations on foreign investments further liberalized.

The Power of Connection
Expanded Collaboration for Extra Solution and Profitable Diversity. 

Exhibitions in Thailand empower and enhance effective and effortless business connections. One connection can build bridges to other connections. Thailand will embrace the power of connections allowing your business to achieve ultimate success with 
  • Savvy Networkers - Beyond recognition for its proficient, creative and adaptive services, our renowned exhibition industry professionals and local alliances offer extra services, thanks to being savvy networkers, empowering your exhibitions and trade shows to achieve ultimate success. 
  • Trusted Partners - Our exhibition industry professionals and local alliances will be your trusted partners to facilitate and maximize these smart connections.
  • Qualified Approved Events - Endorsed by an ever-increasing number of audited shows in Thailand, almost 50 trade shows have qualified as Approved Events, measuring up to TCEB’s high standards.
One of the main questions and issues that has been raised during the conference was regarding the security and or safety, however, TECb provides an assurance that there will be enough and secuirty with the coordination witht he police officers and proper coordination during the events. 

 Had a great lunch from the hotel after the conference

With Dr. Mina Gabor

For more information or to get a complete list of trade shows, visit Business Events Thailand

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