Sunday, February 28, 2016


I'll be very honest here like everyone else, I was interested in losing some inches from here to there of my body which well have a lot of excess fats hehehe. But at the same time was afraid to undergo surgeries and anything that needs to cut and slice some parts of my body. 
Yes I can manage to do exercise from jogging there and running here and the most famous one Diet but indeed it is hard to reduce. Yet it isn't enough and we all know there is always ways and room for a better improvement.
When i heard that there will be an event at Finessa Aesthetica were Bloggers get to try their services well I got excited to try out their Lipo Laser, although I was somewhat kinda skeptical to try it.

Ela, the one who assisted me explained about the Lipo Laser procedure that it is designed for body contouring and fat reduction with the help of the heat from the machine. 
Why I love the Lipo Laser Treatment? Because to my surprise the treatment are not only pain free and non surgical, but at the same time very relaxing which i felt asleep during the procedure. And very importantly it works because as you can see from the before and after record i lost about 3 inches small number but hey that's already an achievement.....
Ok let me share a little background of how does it work based from my experience. Four electric blue lightning something being placed on my tummy which i believe is the one responsible for shaking and heating my fat cells without harming my skin. 
It took me almost an hour lying in bed while the Lipo Laser was working on my tummy fats... and yes i feel asleep and that means it is relaxing, I didn't even felt that it is sweating inside... So after the procedure Ela measured my tummy again to see what the results were. 
Here is a picture of the actual record that Ela wrote my measurements on before and after....
My judgement about the Lipo Laser Treatment well what would have taken me for a lot of sweats and stretching of exercise and dieting, I achieved in just an hour after experiencing the treatment. I would definitely be willing to have an additional treatments since of course the treatment is in session and I would also want my arms to have it lipo laser as well....
Overall, I would suggest and patronize the procedure to anyone who is having hard time losing weight no matter what how hard they exercise and do the diet way.

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