Monday, February 15, 2016


10 Pesos Is All You Need To Send A Scholar To School
I Love Rock N Roll and Alternative local bands and seeing them live and performing is indeed a wishful thinking yet it happened. And to my surprise they are had the concert for such a wonderful and very goodhearted advocacy and that has something to do with education.
Can you just imagine Local bands gathering to help humankind to go to school and that is only for Php 10.00 pesos a year, YES A YEAR... But if course if you're humble and kind heart enough to help and or donate more it would be much better and well appreciated.



We all want to help people in need yet we feel we don't have the large resources to build schools and institutions that will help the needy, who if given the opportunity would potentially be productive citizen in the future that will also help their families out of poverty.

We can actually be all HEROES, be a powerful agent of change with just 10 pesos. Yes, the cost of your merienda, your fare, a bottle of soft drink, and a wide variety we usually spend or sometimes gets lost yet we just let it go easily. Why not use the same amount to send a student to quality schools. This project is called the HEROES PROJECT, spearheaded by musician Mike Chan, along with his OPM friends brought together an advocacy that brings their passion and the mission to provide education to deserving students.

Joining the cause if very easy by just texting HEROES to 3456. The proceeds go directly to the partner schools of Heroes Project and will be divided equally among all the scholars of Heroes.

They started with 20 scholarships, then 40 in 2015, hopefully with everybody's help, they can send 80 kids to school by 2016, 160 scholars in 2017 so on. Eventually, when we have enough Filipinos donating 10 pesos yearly, we will be able to send to school every Filipino that wants an education. 

Education should be a right of every Filipino child and should not be denied just because their families lack funds and the government cannot yet effectively find a permanent solution to this problem. We do not need to wait for other countries or our government to help our youth. We can all do ourselves and all it takes is just Php 10.00 from each of us a year. Remember, if only 2% of the Filipino people will donate, we will already have succeeded for this year and can look forward to sending more and more kids to school every year!

To raise the awareness of the cause, they conducted free concerts in various locations which brings the best OPM artists to the stage to show support for Heroes Project. Bands like Hale, Mayonaise, Mojofly, Paraluman, MYMP, Mike Chan and the Anthems are some of the growing list of artists performing for Heroes Project.

You can be part of this movement and pave a positive change for our society. Donate now, share your experience, and join in the conversation with the hashtags #WeAreAllHeroes and #PayItForward. Don't forget to like their facebook page for more information about the project and share it to more people.

Php 10.00 is All You Need To Send A Scholar To School. Just by texting HEROES to 3456. Donate now and help someone have the privilege to get an education for a better future. 
We indeed can all be heroes!

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