Monday, June 25, 2018

YKK Asia Group Kids Football Clinic 2018

"YKK presence in the Philippines dates back since 1978, and our growth and success during these 40 years owes a great deal to the local society which our customers and employees also form part of It is a great opportunity and pleasure for us to give back and help create the initial spark of encouragement for children who do not normally experience big name events due to its exclusivity. This time, it’ s their turn to experience greatness.” ~Mr. Tadashi Koshio, President of YKK PHILIPPINES, 1NC., 

YKK Brings Back Real Madrid Foundation Coaches for its CSR Football Program in Manila. YKK HOLDING ASIA PTE. LTD. (YHA) and YKK PHILIPPINES, INC. have jointly chosen to continue their collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation (RMF) for the latest edition of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative The aim of this program 18 to support the healthy growth of children through football clinics This is the event's 2nd time back to the Philippines.

YKK Asia Group Kids Football Clinic (AKFC), brings three coaches from Real Madrid Foundation to Manila to share footballing tips, techniques, and basic fundamentals to 300 underprivileged children from three different NGOs over two days of fun and interactive training sessions. The RMF coaches, Pablo Gomez Revenga, Santiago Sanchez Martin & Hector Vicente, will also demonstrate and share their world-class training methodologies and training techniques with 30 local coaches.

Mr. Tadashi Koshio, President of YKK PHILIPPINES, 1NC., 

YKK, who are the industry leaders in fastening products, has taken much thought and care in providing a special opportunity to these underprivileged children whereby they get to rub shoulders with the most multi-titled La Liga tan in history; with 33 Championship titles to their club's name The previous YKK AKFC football clinic was held in the Philippines in April 2012. This second installment to the Pearl of the Orient Seas. once again gives local kids and coaches the opportunity to experience world-class football from these invited international coaches.

Mr. Paalo Gomez Revenge
“We have successfully partnered with YHA since 2012 and have had incredible and positive experiences from the Asian countries where the events have been held. Watching the local coaches and children engage and participate in a sport which knows no language or social barriers is the ultimate reward.” ~Mr. Pablo Gomez Revenge, Real Madrid Foundation's Technical Management Clinics and International Technical Schools Director

“AKFC is an integral program that not only values children but the community as well. This event gives opportunities to those who normally have lesser chances at sports and brings the community together to celebrate the love of football. We believe that football is a common language that everyone can enjoy regardless of culture, nationality or religion." ~Mr. Kosuke Miimi, YHA’ s President

Attorney Edwin Castanez

The clinics draw on YKK' s corporate philosophy of the " Cycle of Goodness, which states that “No one prospers without rendering benefit to others” This same philosophy is the guiding mantra behind the clinics’ success and is its main driving factor to benefit the local community at large.

Each participant in the clinic receives a full set of YKK/Real Madrid Foundation football jersey kit which includes football boots, 8 cap, socks, and a certificate of participation. Other sporting equipment such as footballs, sports bibs, and training cones will also be provided by YKK over the three-day event. Furthermore, YKK will donate all footballs and training types of equipment after the event to the invited NGO.

"Support Healthy Growth of Children through Sports"

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