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Monday, August 20, 2018

Complete Your Health Routine with Cetaphil #MyCetaphilSkin

Complete Your Health Routine with Cetaphil |What This Year's Cetaphil 7 Days are all about Cetaphil. 

Cetaphil marks the first day of its anticipated event celebrating healthy and beautiful #MyCetaphilSkin

Don’t miss out on these promos:
  • Get a free sling bag when you buy Php 1,000.00 worth of Cetaphil products.
  • Get a free pouch when you buy 1 Cetaphil PRO wash and 1 PRO Moisturizer.
  • Get a free swaddle when you buy Php 700.00 worth of Cetaphil Baby Products.
  • Save with 2+1 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser!
A good reason to visit SM Makati this whole week! Get promos and discounts on Cetaphil Philippines products, and learn some skin care tips! 

Cetaphil 7 Days runs until August 26, 2018, in SM Makati and highlights the three prongs of holistic health. Aside from the hottest discounts and promos for all Cetaphil products, skincare discussions and activities take place from 3:00 PM 4:00 PM with a different topic for each day. 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Day 1:
  • Complete Your Health Routine with #MyCetaphilSkin share their thoughts on regular exercise, a healthy diet, and a skincare routine with Cetaphil. They also gave tips on having healthy skin to match your healthy body. 
With Ms. Joy Mendoza

Guest influencers Nikki Tiu and Rowena Lei

Mindful Breathing Practice with Ms. Dinah Salonga of Yoga+

Diet Diva with Ms. Kakki Teodoro

Dr. Teresita Gabriel
"Challenges are what makes life interesting overcoming them is what makes life meaningful"

All this time I was looking for ways to manage my oily and sometimes dry skin only to find out I was doin' the wrong thing when it comes to my beauty routine. Removing the oil in our skin is not a good habit, I learned from Ms. Wendy that using a facial wash that tightens your skin isn't doing good at all for your skin when I thought it was good all along. I also learned from Ms. Joy that having a good relationship with your husband makes you a better parents in taking good care of your children if you both start with yourselves helping in nourishing and making sure the family is healthy in every aspect. Being honest in every review makes one good beauty blogger from Ms. Nikki Tiu who believes in a No Filter when it comes to emphasizing a certain beauty makeup. It is a practice to do mental yoga in just a few minutes sometimes because it makes you do certain movements if you breathe properly and accordingly an advice by Ms. Dinah Salonga of Yoga+. A healthy Yogurt Granola Parfait from Diet Diva Ms. Kakki Teodoro is a healthy meal that anyone one can do at home if you have extra left over such as fruits, nuts, raisins, etc you can simply create something so healthy that whenever you feel hungry you can just make one for yourself. Always remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body, and taking care of it requires the right nutrients, the right vitamins as well as the right food and exercise. 

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