Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Galileo presents an Awesome Singapore Math Add-Ventures

"Math is not just for geniuses, Math is for everybody. We wanted teachers to have strong content and good resources to match the Singapore curriculum. We wanted to provide a more interesting, fun and meaningful approach to learning and teaching math. As parents of young children, we see the importance of involving parents in this process. We relied heavily on e-students who remember us very fondly and really like our resources. But over the years, it has become harder to reach parents as school leaders are not willing to allow vendors inside. Teachers claim that they have never seen a concept taught in a particular way. Parents say they themselves learn first from the magazines before teaching their kids. Children's faces light up in 'Aha!' moments when they finally understand a difficult concept. Parent bond with children, playing time-based games or solving puzzles together. When even the Ministry of Education says our games are good and use them in their training sessions, even if they are not able to endorse products. Learning math can be fun, but it must also be meaningful. We can develop good magazines, games or apps, but most children need an adult (a teacher or a parent) to motivate them." ~Rosalind Phang, Add-venture Learning's

"Awesome Singapore Math Add-Ventures", a half-day workshop on Singapore Math for media guests, teachers, parents, and children happened last March 2, 2019, took place at Power Mac Training Center, 2/F Cedar Executive Building, 1006 Antonio Arnaez Ave., Makati City.
"The idea of Galileo was born out of the intention t uplift the education industry. We saw that the model for learning was evolving with the times. We saw the growing rate in tutorial services prompted by fast-paced schools trying to cope with the demands to produce competent and competitive members of society. However, not all children march at the same pace. There are those who learn differently and others who are not suited for big classroom environment." ~Ma. Rowena J. Matti, Chief Executive Officer for Galileo

Galileo provides a new way of learning a meaningful, exciting and fun MATCH and ENGLISH Enrichment Program. From 3-2 years old.

Benefits of the Galileo Program:
  • Improve school grades
  • Become academically competitive
  • Develop a positive attitude towards studying by associating fun with learning
  • Nurture skills and talents
  • Gain lots of friends

Galileo's competitive advantage lies in its methodology and service. For each Galileo session, children do five different activities. Learning is instilled in a manner that they can understand the best.

Recognizing the important role of Math education in shaping the citizens’ global proficiency, the Ministers of Education decided to take charge of the country's learning roadmap. it completely restructured the math education system in Singapore during the 1980s. The new system moved away from rote learning and towards a deeper understanding of concepts. Singapore Math focuses mainly on building fundamental math skills, rather than focusing on content. 

Galileo's mission is to help empower learners by providing them with opportunities for learning enrichment that will make them independent, life-long learners and their vision is to be the preferred educational program that provides quality products and services that would advance the learning of their students.

Core Values:
Love for children - We nurture and recognize the individual needs of each learner.
Excellence - We provide a learning environment that is unsurpassed in the industry.
Accountability - We always put honesty and integrity above all our dealings with others.
Dedication - We are committed to applying all resources to address the learning needs of the child.

To strengthen its Singapore Math Program, Galileo has partnered with Add-Venture Learning, publishing, and training company headquartered in Singapore. Add-Venture Learning specializes in making Singapore Math an enjoyable experience for students through their game packages, apps, magazines, and training. Behind their products are prominent figures in the world of Singapore Math and are recognized for their contribution in shaping and training Singapore teachers of the Ministry of Education. 

The two educational think tanks have shared teaching and learning philosophies which complement their approach to making learning fun and meaningful through play. Both Galileo and Add-Venture believe that a child learns best by enjoying what is taught. Both companies employ game-play elements and a variety of activities to bring amusement, wonder, and knowledge in every engagement of any child. 

Singapore Math is a special method of teaching math that was developed in 1982 for children from kindergarten through grade 6, as part of the national curriculum under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. 

For more information about the Singapore Math Program and the Add-Venture Learning materials, contact the Head Office at 845-1234 or select centers: Galileo Legaspi, Makati City (810-8506); Galileo Better Living, Parañaque (846-5398, 0998-793-9363); Galileo Malabon (362-3154); Galileo Parada, Valenzuela (291-1136, 0948-365-2970); Galileo Sta. Rosa, Laguna (502-7023, 0988 554 8101); and Galileo Bacolod (433-4713, 0917-801-0338). 

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