Wednesday, August 28, 2019

National Eye Care Awareness Month 2019: “Eyes Mo, Care Mo”

“We launched the first eye care awareness campaign in 2017 to educate people on the importance of healthy eyesight. Every year, we want to build on what we have achieved so that we can reach out to more people and educate them on proper eye care. This year, we are spreading the advocacy further by taking it to communities, through a series of CSR initiatives that can help push the message forward and inspire millennials to promote social awareness and positive change.” ~Earl Jayona, Head of Marketing for Eye Mo Philippines

Eye Mo, the leading eye solution against uncomfortable eye irritation, continues to advocate for proper eye education and eye care through its annual celebration of the National Eye Care Awareness Month. #EyeCAN - Join #myREDvolution is the centerpiece of this year’s National Eye Care Awareness Month (NECAM), which encourages Filipinos to advocate for meaningful change in society.

Recognizing the role of eye care in one’s overall health, Eye Mo will hold a series of social responsibility efforts throughout the month. Aside from eye care awareness, these events will also cover health education, environment, arts and culture with the aim of encouraging everyone, especially the younger generation, to help change our nation and help Filipino communities.

With this, we'd like to invite you to an exclusive roundtable discussion with Eye Mo about this year's upcoming event for National Eye Care Awareness Month starting with one's eye health, the brand's social responsibility efforts, as well as a 360º view of the campaign

Spearheaded by Eye Mo, the leading eye drop brand in the country, #EyeCAN - JOIN myREDvolution inspires Filipino millennials to embrace their social responsibilities through a series of activities anchored on four pillars: education and health, environment, community, and the arts, and charity. These activities complement Eye Mo’s advocacy for proper eye education and eye care, which are crucial to a person’s overall health.

#EyeCan or “I Can Change A Nation” is part of its flagship campaign “Eyes Mo, Care Mo,” which is now running on its third year. The #EyeCan - Join myREDvolution campaign builds on the successes of the 2018 campaign called #REDVolution, which focused on the millennials and which encourages them to pay it forward through their active participation in community activities. The campaign kicks off this month and will run until the end of 2019.

To spread greater awareness on the importance of eye health, a series of eye care lectures will be held, and free hygiene kits will be distributed. There will also be free eye checks. The nationwide campaign highlights Eye Mo’s strong commitment to spreading eye care awareness by combating the five signs of eye irritation, namely:
  • Sore
  • Itchy
  • Red
  • Watery
  • Dry Eyes

It also continues to advocate for proper eye education and eye care. 

Eye Mo launches NECAM through school and university invasion
Recognizing the importance of proper eye care among the youth, NECAM will visit schools and universities via concert tours, latching onto the power of music to spread the importance of eye health, bringing it to thousands of students across the Philippines. As part of the NECAM campaign, a short documentary film will be launched featuring five outstanding millennials who have contributed positively to society. The short documentary film aims to open people’s eyes on what they can do so that they can contribute to changing the nation for the better.

CSR Activities: #EyeCan movement go into high gear
On top of giving out free Eye Mo products and free eye check-ups, the #EyeCan - Join myREDvolution campaign also aims to address eyesores in the community by working with youth groups in cleaning these up. These will be done through tree planting and clean-up drives at the Baseco Compound with the support of government and non-government organizations. It is also partnering with TV5’s Alagang Kapatid Foundation to hold a feeding program. 

Eye Mo has also tied up with numerous communities in Metro Manila to effect visible change in the environment. As part of this, volunteers from school organizations and SK groups will also be tapped to do wall mural paintings to beautify the communities.

The #EyeCan - Join myREDvolution movement is a call out for millennials and Filipinos alike to learn and embrace their social responsibilities and bring visible change to their communities.

For more information, please visit or check out @EyeMoPH on Facebook.

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