Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Country’s Biggest Content Creators Unite to Help Medical Frontliners

“We are all influencers in our own way. As influencers, we actually possess the power to get people to support a good cause. There’s no better time to make good use of our influence than this critical juncture when our medical frontliners need our support.” ~Jim Guzman, CICP President

With the global pandemic that the Philippines is facing, it has come to our senses that the only way we will be able to defeat this is by listening to our authorities and most importantly, by helping and lifting each other up. It's been three months since the Philippines has been placed under quarantine due to COVID-19, which means our medical front liners have been sacrificing for three months for all of us.

The fight is far from over but we can win this together. We need to unite. Some of the country's creators and influencers have gathered for #CreatorsUnitedPH. an effort that seeks to raise funds to procure DOH-approved medical-grade PPEs for our medical front liners.

With the continuing rise of positive cases in the country, the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines (CICP) recognizes its pivotal role in dealing with the pandemic by drawing on the collective power of creators and influencers, all of who can draw support for a cause.
“No donation is too small. When we come together, we are able to achieve much, much more. Pooled together, these funds will be of tremendous help to our medical frontliners. We should never underestimate our capacity to do good, because together, we can help make a difference in the ongoing battle against the virus.” ~Erwan Heussaff, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of CICP
In this light, CICP is organizing #CreatorsUnitedPH, a fundraising effort by the creator and influencer industry for the procurement of DOH-approved, medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our medical frontliners. Currently, a single hospital uses almost 500 PPEs every day. While donated alternative PPEs are helpful, many of these are left unused due to its inability to fully protect the frontliners.

To further amplify the initiative, the country’s biggest creators from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are uniting through a video to bring awareness to their audience. These creators are:
  • Erwan Heussaff
  • Mikey Bustos
  • Wil Dasovich
  • Mimiyuuuh
  • Rei Germar
  • Rozel Basilio
  • Ranz and Niana Guerrero
  • Kimpoy Feliciano
  • Jako de Leon
  • Carlo Ople
  • Hazel Quing
  • Haidee Quing
  • Malaya Macaraeg
  • Alem Garcia
  • Issa Perez
  • Rigel Thomas

#CreatorsUnitedPH aims to raise Php 1,000,000 to purchase 1,000 pieces of DOH-approved, medical-grade PPEs worth P 1,000 each. These PPEs will be coursed through the Department of Health to be distributed to hospitals and medical facilities across the country, including:
  • The Philippine General Hospital
  • Dr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital
  • Lung Center of the Philippines
  • Fe del Mundo Medical Center
  • San Lazaro Hospital
  • Tarlac Provincial Hospital
  • Kainomayan Primary Hospital
  • General Cailles Memorial District Hospital
  • Casiguran District Hospital
  • Vicente Sotto Medical Center Cebu

In light of this, #CreatorsUnitedPH is knocking on your hearts to help provide their front liners and health workers with DOH-approved medical-grade PPE's. Any amount is greatly appreciated. You may send your donations through Go Get Funding. DONATE AT LEAST P100 and it will go a long way in helping us raise P1,000,000 to provide 1,000 PPE's to our frontliners!

Interested donors can donate through:

BPI (Current Account) - 3510 0049 99
BDO (Current Account) - 0084 9800 1062
GCash - 09174034411

Security Bank (Joint Current Account) - 00000 313 734 25

** Donors must send their proof of donation via:
Viber: +639174034411

For donors to be updated with the procurement of promised DOH-approved PPE’s, they may visit the
#CreatorsUnitedPH FB Page that will house all updates - from donations, purchases, and distribution.

You, too, can be an influencer for good.
Exercise your power to make good things happen now.

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