Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Explore the various cuisines of the world via Araneta City

Araneta City is a food lover's haven with countless dining offerings that will satisfy even the most discerning gourmand. Traveling outside the country remains impossible as of the moment, but who said we can’t take a trip to some of the world’s top culinary destinations right from the very heart of the metro?

Here are some restaurants that you can visit and dine to taste the best the world has to offer!

Gloria Maris in Gateway Mall
Indulge in a delicious Chinese feast and try some of its specialties like Crab with Sotanghon or Fried Lapu-Lapu with Soy Sauce. 

Hap Chan in Ali Mall
For an authentic taste of Hong Kong cuisine, now open for dine-in. 

SOUPer Hot in Shopwise Arcade
If you’re looking for a warm bowl of delicious soup and noodles, is the place to be.

Tien Ma
Taste the delicious flavors of Taiwan try its authentic soup dumplings or Xiao Long Bao and one of its bestsellers, the Taiwan Style Beef Noodle Soup. 

Chickilicious in Skywalk Ali Mall
Another Taiwanese special is Chicken Steak. It is made with chicken breast fried to golden perfection and seasoned with a variety of flavorings.

My Thai and Pho Hoa in Gateway Mall
For Southeast Asian cuisine. From delicious and warming pho to complex and filling pad thai, you can experience the most delectable dishes from Thailand and Vietnam from these restaurants.

If Japanese fare such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and tonkatsu is more up your alley, Araneta City has everything you want. There’s:
  • Sachi in Coliseum Circle
  • Teriyaki Boy in Gateway Mall
  • Karate Kid in Farmers Plaza
  • Tokyo Tokyo in two locations at Farmers Market Arcade and Ali Mall
  • Kureji and Rai Rai Ken both in Ali Mall 

Up next in a culinary adventure in Korea! Araneta City is home to several restaurants that serve delectable Korean food. 

Samgyupsalamat at Manhattan Parkview Arcade
For delicious Korean barbecue or samgyeopsal.

Romantic Baboy in Ali Mall
For a modern take on some well-loved Korean dishes.

Kko Kko in New Frontier Theater Arcade
A must-try.

Hobing in Ali Mall
Different flavors of patbingsu or shaved ice dessert are served.

We’re leaving Asia for a bit to visit the beautiful continent of South America to try out some outstanding dishes from the continent! 

Pepi Cubano in Coliseum Circle
For authentic Cuban sandwiches, will satisfy your cravings. 

Taco Bell in Gateway Mall and Cyberpark 1 and Fiery Style in Gateway Tower
Those who want tacos and quesadillas.

Moving up a bit north, we visit the United States! 

Burgoo in Gateway Mall, Wing Zone in Coliseum Circle, Pancake House in Ali Mall, and Erin’s Artists’ Lounge and Café also in Ali Mall
Each one of these having a different take on American food. 

Pizza Hut in Ali Mall, and Cyberpark 2
For pizza lovers. 

Dairy Queen in Ali Mall, and Gateway Mall
For a cold and sweet treat.

What culinary tour would be complete if we don’t include Italian cuisine? 

Cibo in Gateway Mall
You can try Italian masterpieces like Penne Trio Formaggi, Pancetta, Prosciutto Praga, and Coda Alla Vaccinara. 

Giovanni’s in Manhattan Parkway Arcade, Old Spaghetti House in Ali Mall, and Sbarro also in Ali Mall
For other pizza and pasta dishes.

Café Adriatico in Gateway Mall, Max’s Restaurant in Coliseum Circle, Buddy’s in Shopwise Arcade in Ali Mall, Gilligan’s in Manhattan Parkway Arcade, Gerry’s Grill in Ali Mall, and Empanada Nation in Cyberpark 1
Pinoy restaurants that serve various regional dishes. After the global culinary tour, we’re coming home to Filipino cuisine. 

All of these dining destinations are welcoming customers who may want to dine inside their restaurants. Safety measures and frequent sanitization are practiced in all establishments to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees, so visit Araneta City now and try out all the culinary finds it has to offer!

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