Wednesday, May 5, 2021

5 of the best online games to play as a family at home during the lockdown

Is your home as bored as your daily activities during the quarantine? Are you feed up with all the old variety of games with your kids at home such as play cards, monopoly, stackable, scrabble. Did you know that there are new and improved digital versions that are fun for all ages that the whole family can enjoy?

Here are 5 of the best online games to play as a family at home during the lockdown:

1. Bible Quiz Trivia Game for Kids
This is a 100-question quiz about the Bible where players must select among 4 multiple choice answers.

2. Fast Typer Game: Measure Your Keyboard Typing WPM
This is a free typing game that lasts precisely one minute and measures the words per minute typing speed and accuracy of the player.

3. Find the Pug: Hidden Object Dog Game
This is a cute hidden object game where players try to quickly find a pug hidden amongst a sea of dogs.

4. Adventures of Harry Mouse Escape Game
Adventures of Harry is a 28-level escape game where you move a fan around the level to propel a mouse past sharp objects while collecting cheese and then escaping through the mouse hole.

5. Room Escape Adventure Game
This is a fun hand-drawn escape strategy game where players must collect the key and leave the room while avoiding a dangerous blue ball of hair and other obstacles.

Tip: You do not have to download software or apps - the games are entirely browser-based download more games online and Play Free Online Video Games for more than 100 games to play.

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