Monday, January 17, 2022

Pine Sol keeps your family and home safe, fragrant, and welcoming

“As we stay indoors more often, we should not forget that viruses can still enter our homes and make us sick. Being vigilant is key to staying safe especially since we do most of our shopping online and bring items from the outside. Regular disinfecting of our homes is the sure way to keep our families safe and healthy.” ~Monique Gonzales, senior brand manager for Clorox Southeast Asia 
Pine Sol keeps your family and home safe, fragrant, and welcoming

Home is where the heart is. It is no place for germs. Pine Sol keeps your family and home safe, fragrant, and welcoming.

When we think of the home, we think of a place that is filled with laughter, joy, love, and hope. We think of a place where we find rest and peace among people we hold near and dear. Indeed, for many, home is a place that is welcoming. And nothing feels more welcoming than a home that is fragrant, clean and germ-free. 

Since the start of the health crisis, people saw their daily routines changed. And for many, changed permanently. The fear of contagion and the ensuing paranoia forced many to hunker down and stay home every day. Overnight, the home became a place of work, recreation, entertainment, and leisure. 

But despite this, it has not spared many from getting sick as the virus spawned more virulent and highly transmissible variants that have entered our homes no matter how careful we can be. Food deliveries and consumer goods have become harbingers of pathogens that has, in fact, caused entire families to be sick. 

  • Ditch the welcome mat for the disinfecting mat 
When we need to go out, we sometimes do not realize that we could be bringing home unwanted germs. Of all our clothes and accessories, our footwear brings in most of the pathogens from the outside in. It is not enough to just wipe our shoes or sandals on the mat. A good foot bath is needed to make sure that your footwear is properly sanitized. You can use a mixture of water and Pine Sol to make an effective and fragrant shoe bath. 
  • Soak those clothes you wore immediately 
Just because we don’t see dirt on our clothes does not mean that these are safe to bring home. Viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and other microbes easily get on the clothes that we wear. Once at home, jump in the shower. And don’t forget to soak the clothes you just wore in a mixture of water and Pine Sol. It will disinfect it and will not harm the fabric the way ordinary bleach does. 

  • Mop, mop, mop the floors 
Your floors are a favorite place for your kids to romp and rough-house around. This creates good bonding moments and help relieve the boredom from staying at home all the time. But your floors are also where pathogens come to rest. Keep it clean and safe by mopping it down with a disinfectant mixture of water and Pine Sol. Mopping up the floors regularly will keep your mind at ease and your kids safe. 
  • Give surfaces a good wipe down 
The different quarantine classifications have made shopping for food and other goods a home activity as well. Thankfully, the influx of couriers has made home shopping easy and convenient. But how sure are we that these grocery bags and parcels are safe? Unknowingly, these items can bring germs and viruses that in turn, get on the kitchen counters or on tables. Disinfect these surfaces with a quick wipe down. Some Pine Sol on a clean, soft cloth can kill germs on these surfaces. 

“We at Clorox are one with the government in ensuring that Filipinos stay safe in the midst of this pandemic. We enjoin everyone to keep promoting a hygienic and safer lifestyle by regularly cleaning and disinfecting our surroundings.” ~Paulo Lao, Sales and Marketing Director for Clorox Southeast Asia

However, despite this, our homes are still the safest place as long as we know how and what to do to keep the virus out and maintaining the love in. Pine Sol, a trusted cleaner for the home since 1929, shares with you some safety and cleaning tips to keep your home safe, clean and germ-free.

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