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What Are the Four Seasons Like in Little Rock?

What Are the Four Seasons Like in Little Rock?

States can vary in the four seasons depending on where you are located. The weather can be a big issue for those that do or don’t like a certain season.

Some love the “fun in the sun” that summer has to offer. Others like spring or fall, because of their mid-summer feelings. What I mean is, they aren’t too hot, but they’re not too cold. Some would think that either of these is the perfect season.

Finally, there’s winter. The frozen tundra that people can enjoy with its ice sickles and fluffy white snow. Very cold and very wet in places like Little Rock.

These seasons can be a huge factor when determining where you live or buy your home. Especially when it comes to places like Little Rock and the Little Rock houses for sale that you will find in the area.

Summer in Little Rock, Arkansas can be extremely hot at certain points of the year. This season has temperatures that can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with an average of the lower seventies!

For some, that means umbrella drinks in your hand and enjoying the weather by the pool. Others see this as being too much heat to handle and would prefer a milder area that isn’t so warm.

No need to worry, if you still want to live in Little Rock, you can prepare for this 100-degree heat by knowing when it’ll come. August is the hottest and driest month, as well as the period from July through September is the driest of the year!

Spring is a milder season for those that aren’t fans of the heat but don't like the cold either. With temperatures that can range from the mid-eighties into the upper fifties. There are warmer temps that come in the later months.

In some cities and states, rain can be pretty common during spring. This is the same for the town of Little Rock. The city can see around seven to eight days of significant rain per month.

This season is also the busiest time for tourism. This can be a good time to go out and explore the sites that Little Rock has to offer, because of the weather not being as hot as summer.

Temperatures in the fall can range from a high of ninety degrees to lower temps in the fifties in Little Rock. The higher temps may seem scary, but there’s no need for fear! The warmer weather is combined with the low humidity to give the residents of Little Rock a comfy time of year.

The downside is that it rains and snows significantly during this time of the year. These conditions act as a signal that winter will be coming, but you still have time to enjoy the comfiness of fall until then.

Referred to as “hoodie season”, by some, fall is the season that gives you the most freedom, but also the most concern for how you dress for the day. If you don’t have the right outfit, you could be too warm or even too cold. 

It is a sacrifice that most are willing to make for the comfy weather. However, tourism is the slowest in the fall. 

This slow time can lead to hotels lowering their cost. These low costs can make traveling easier if you choose to do so in the fall.

Winter is a season that you either love or hate. The same goes for winter in the town of Little Rock. 

This season in Little Rock can be very cold and wet. With this come times of being partly cloudy year-round. Winter brings colder temps to Little Rock. 

January is the coldest month of the season with these colder temperatures that can range between the thirties and the fifties. These temperatures can also decrease tourism in the same forms that fall does. However, winter is not as ideal for traveling.

Whichever your favorite season is, is entirely up to you. One thing is certain, the town of Little Rock is a city that can be comfy for everyone to enjoy at any time of the year.

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