Saturday, April 9, 2022

Achieve Clutter-Free and More Productive Spaces With YORI

Karui Table Lamp (PhP599)

There is a new DIY furniture store in the market for your home and office requirements. YORI is all about making your experience easy, fun, and affordable. YORI offers a great deal of choices at different styles and sizes to suit your specific needs. This brand will help you achieve clutter-free and more organized spaces.

Having a room without the mess and the right atmosphere for relaxing or working is something we all would love to have. Thanks to quality DIY furniture brand, YORI, we can achieved this. 

YORI is one of the latest brands to offer easy-to-build pieces. They have foldable desks, an assortment of lamps, and other furniture that would help with your room improvement.

Foldable Furniture for More Versatile Spaces

With foldable furniture, you can easily free up space—transform your child’s study station into a play area or your work area into a workout station. 

Oru Desk (PHP 2,995)

Nijuu Shelf, which comes in both medium (PHP 3,295) and mega (PHP 3,795) sizes

YORI’s foldable furniture comes in two types: The Oru Desk (PHP 2,995) and The Nijuu Shelf, which comes in both medium (PHP 3,295) and mega (PHP 3,795) sizes. Both are available in two colors: light oak with white frames and dark oak with black frame. They are built with wooden MFC panels and steel frames.

The light oak desk and shelf are perfect for those who prefer Scandinavian-inspired design. Meanwhile, the dark oak desk and shelf suit homes and offices with sleek and modern looks.

Yori’s foldable collection allows you to transform your areas. Once you’re done with work or your child is through with school, you can put your Oru Desk and Nijuu Shelf in a corner—freeing up space in your home.

Good Lighting  to Improve Mood and Productivity

YORI offers a good selection of lamps for your home—from lamps with shelves to floor lamps. 

Karui Table Lamp (PhP599)

Hikari Lamp (PHP 3,299)

If you want a lamp that comes with a shelf for your books and displays, the Hikari Lamp (PHP 3,299) would be the right choice for you. If you want an easy-to-use table lamp, there’s the Karui Table Lamp (PhP599). It can fit any desk and provide you with an extra light source.

Keii Floor Lamp (PhP1,799)

But if you prefer a lamp with a sleek and simple design, the Keii Floor Lamp (PhP1,799) is right for you. It can provide your home with the right source of light in a stylish design. 

Sayaka Floor Lamp (PHP 2,499)

The Sayaka Floor Lamp (PHP 2,499), meanwhile, can easily blend with any room’s theme. It comes with a 4-way dim touch switch, so you can choose the lighting you want.

YORI is all about making DIY furniture better. Its products are designed for an easy and fun experience for starter homeowners. 

With YORI, you don’t need to be an expert to set up your furniture. Each flatpack furniture includes an easy-to-understand manual and a complete set of tools, too.

YORI is available in SM Home branches nationwide and ShopSM website ( You can also order via SM Call to Deliver (#14376) or visit Yori’s official website (

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