Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Pizza Paborito Para Sa Paboritong Hero Ng Tahanan

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we pay tribute to our Paboritong Hero Ng Tahanan through another Filipino favorite – the Pizza Paborito, Pizza Pedrico’s to make every day an enjoyable experience for our busy home-makers.

We all have our favorite heroes, whether the ones we watch on film, or real-life heroes that we look up to, cherish, or adore! Having experienced the longest stay-at-home period of our lives, we start to realize that home is an awesome place to build relationships and memories with our families and loved ones.   Living with our families, or extended families, we begin to appreciate the ones who make the home comfortable, nourishing, and enjoyable. Of course, the one who has made it all possible are the home-makers, the hero of our homes – our amazing and awesome Moms! 

Imagine having to think about what to cook for the family at least 3 times a day, having to juggle Zooming the day away in meetings, or being caught up with the kids’ online classes. What about her deadlines, and her day-to-day household tasks? Now that’s a task fit for a superhero! 

Driven by love, our Paboritong Hero Ng Tahanan wants only the best for us, hence, quality, taste, and value for money are very important in choosing her weekly food repertoire, which is why we’ve made all these possible through Pizza Pedrico’s Easy Bake Easy To Go! A delicious, nutritious, and convenient way to enjoy your Pizza Paboritos with the fam! 

Pizza Pedrico’s Easy Bake Easy To Go! is a frozen-Fresh pizza available in 4 Paborito flavors that the family will surely love – Ham And Cheez, Ham + Pineapple And Cheez, Sausage + Pepperoni And Cheez, and Cheez And Cheez. Each box comes in packs of 4’s so everyone can enjoy it to the fullest! Have it any time of the day just by popping it in the oven for 5-8 minutes. 

The Pizza Pedrico’s Easy Bake Easy To Go! is best enjoyed during family bonding time whether it’s watching the family’s favorite Netflix series, playing board games, or even just as a quick and convenient way to fill the tummy during online school or meeting breaks. You can even bring it during family outings at the beach. That’s a truly easy bake and easy to go!

The best part? Our Moms, the Paboritong Hero Ng Tahanan, will have more time in focusing on what really matters - time to bond with the kids and hubby, time to pursue their personal passions, or even for the much-needed “me-time”. 

Share your #PaboritoMoments with Mom and tag Pizza Pedrico’s Official on Facebook, and Pizza Pedrico’s on Instagram or Twitter to get a chance to win a pizza party for Mom and the fam from May 6-31, 2022. Don’t forget to include your #PizzaPaborito Pizza Pedrico’s Easy Bake Easy To Go! and the hashtags #PaboritoMomentsWithMom #PaboritongHeroNgTahanan and #PizzaPaborito in your sharing!

Pizza Pedrico’s Easy Bake Easy To Go! is available in leading supermarkets, and online grocers nationwide! Make that shopping trip count, and stock up on the family’s newest #PizzaPaborito!

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