Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The Goodest food choice for your cats is here!

The Goodest food choice for your cats is here!

Cats may seem very independent from their owners, but it is possible to win their precious affection. And once you are able to do this, it’s truly the best feeling in the world! The secrets to get your cat to become attached to you? First, you need to spend regular quality time with them. And yes, food – healthy, nutritious cat food - is the best way to conquer their indifferent hearts.  

To help win their furry friend’s love, cat owners can try the newest local cat food brand Goodest which offers the right nutrition at any age, at a-fur-dable prices and is always available in many local stores and pet shops.  

Goodest is formulated with expert chemists and vets so pet owners can be sure it has been developed with the specific needs of cats in mind. What’s more, Goodest also conforms with the international standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials, which establishes the standard ingredient definitions and nutritional requirements for pet food. 

Unlike most cat food that need to be replaced depending on a cat’s age, Goodest is recommended for all life stages of your furry friend – kitten or adult, senior or pregnant. Just be sure to follow the recommended servings per life stage on the Goodest packaging.   

At any age or life stage, Goodest offers your cat a lot of benefits -- all in one package: complete and balanced nutrition, strong immunity, and helps them stay active and alert. They are made with real, natural, and nutritious ingredients -- loaded with vitamin E, DHA or omega-3 fatty acid, zinc, and quality protein.

Your pet can have its choice from Goodest’s delicious trio of flavors: Tender Tuna, Meaty Mackerel, and Chicken Chomp. Chicken Chomp has real chicken meat, tuna, and beef liver while Meaty Mackerel is made up of tuna, sardines, and mackerel. And of course, Tender Tuna has all that quality tuna. Any one of those variants will have your cat scraping off the bowl and asking for seconds!

And with Goodest, the great part is your kitty can always satisfy his or her cravings.  Since it’s manufactured locally, Goodest is easily available anywhere nationwide and is consistently in stock – whenever your paw pal needs or wants it. 

Finally, Goodest is a-fur-dable at just ₱26.15 (SRP) so keeping your cats healthy and well fed will not make a dent on the budget. 

With Goodest, you’ll definitely win your cat’s love!

Goodest is available online on Shopee and Lazada and in leading pet stores and grocery stores nationwide.

For more information and updates, visit www.goodestpetfood.com and follow Goodest on Facebook and Instagram.

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