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May 12-14, 2016 - Azalea Hotel and Residences, Baguio City. It was my 2nd time to visit the hotel and whatever i had felt on my first visit i had felt it twice on the 2nd time. Yes I am in love with Azalea Hotel and Residences, Baguio City from all corners of the hotel. We are welcomed with a happy smile by Sir Paul and Ms. Mikka.
At the reception area and one thing you will notice when you enter the hotel is the huge design of an Azalea flowers from the wall towards the higher floors of Azalea Hotel and Residences, Baguio City. 
We started the event or should i say mini program by Ms. Grace telling us on what to expect during the Bloggers Event and followed by introducing ourselves.
AZALEA /əˈzeɪliə/ are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron, particularly the former sections Tsutsuji (evergreen) and Pentanthera (deciduous). Azaleas bloom in spring, their flowers often lasting several weeks. Shade tolerant, they prefer living near or under trees. They are part of the family Ericaceae.
You will instantly notice the Azalea decoration on the wall upward on the lobby area, and yes it was my first time to ever know about Azalea Flower which looks like a gumamela flower alike.
"Make every trip to the City of Pines an experience to keep with a stay at Azalea Residences, Baguio’s first and only 4-star serviced apartment hotel that will make every family vacation, group getaway, or romantic retreat more memorable. Delight in Azalea’s modern and generously appointed hotel facilities that comes complete with kitchen equipment, dining and entertainment area." ~Azalea Hotels and Residences, Baguio
Very well said, and i am a proof that Azalea Hotel and Residences is worth your stay and your money. Let me tour you around their different rooms and facilities:
 The Fabulous Kitchen with complete kitchen wares
 The simple yet elegant Wall deco photo
 The Toiletry
 The huge bathroom
 The Dining are with a bongang set of plates
The glamorous dining set
Complimentary coffee plus they have a pot to boil water in
Their cookware for a convenient cooking for family and friends
 The electric stove to cook with
The living room with a huge sofa bed and a flat screen tv 

The 8 degree Bar inside Azalea Hotel and Residences
At Tradisyon Restaurant with co-bloggers

The Playground Area perfect for Kids

Located along Leonard Wood Loop, off the busy central district of Baguio City but conveniently close to the city’s must see destination, the narrow uphill street leading to Azalea Residences Baguio is very unassuming of what lies ahead. At the end of the road is a magnificently massive deluxe serviced apartment composed of 99 modern luxury suites, each unit having its own kitchen, living and bedroom areas, touted to become the only hotel in Baguio with full services and amenities of an upscale serviced apartment.

Baguio City has always been the idyllic family destination for all seasons and for any occasions. Azalea Residences Baguio has lined up family packages for hassle-free vacations kindly check their website at

I highly recommend Azalea Hotel and Residences, Baguio to all my family and friends but i Do suggest you book earlier for a much discounted rate and for assurance of reservation once you arrive at the hotel.

Azalea Baguio: 7 Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio, 2600 Benguet (across Teachers’ Camp)
Mobile Numbers : 0917 861 1641 and 0919 994 4140

For Reservations:

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Thank You Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas for the opportunity to enjoy and have fun at treetop it was an amazing experience.
TAG Media PR / Pinoy Bloggers (Ms. Grace Bondad-Nicolas)
With my co-bloggers
*Photo Credits to Sir Eric Tan

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