Sunday, October 30, 2016

Marian Remo Cohen Cook-Off Challenge first Winner

Lose weight effectively with Cohen’s Lifestyle Program’s easy-to-prepare and delicious meal plans.

October 25, 2016 (Tuesday), 11:30am at Nikko’s Baking Studio located at 59-A Paseo de Roxas, Urdaneta Village Makati City.
Nikko's Baking Studio is a laid back aura as if it's a Saturday morning picnic at the backyard!
Inside Nikko's Baking Studio

I used to think that I can't enjoy eating delicious food that I wanted to eat and lose weight at the same time.  Cohen clients faced off in a cooking competition and presented their healthy, easy-to—cook and appetizing Cohen meals that can be quickly prepared at home and by doing so, lose weight safely and effectively.
The Yummy, Nutritious and Healthy Food at Nikko's Baking Studio

It was Cohen's Cook Off challenge, is a cooking competition participating are their existing Cohen clients in which some had lost some weights already. They cooked their own personal and healthy recipe.
Food becomes your medicine. It is not a diet but rather a lifestyle change because a diet is basically temporary and the problem with dieting is you need to have it with exercise as well. While dieting it is natural and healthy eating that you could have as an habit.
Cohen Cook-Off Challenge Contestants
Showcasing their original recipes were:

Marian Remo
30, a businesswoman who lost 16 lbs. to date
 Mary Ann “Dr. lanne” Tangcangco
40, a physician who lost 35 lbs. on the program so far
Carrie Luis
26, a freelance assistant who just started the program
Cohen Cook-Off Challenge Tasting Category
Cohen clients Tangcangco, Remo and Luis prepared Apple Cake, Beef Stuffed Zucchini and Mushroom Burger.

Backed by years of scientific and medical research, Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a personalized and rapid weight-loss and wellness program that focuses on proper nutrition and uses food as medicine. Each client’s unique blood profile is used as the basis for an individualized eating plan that recommends the personalized quantities of specific types of food that correct the hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain and obesity.

The program works like a prescription. it only “prescribes” food tested at the precise personalized quantity based on the biochemistry of your body to allow the body to do what it is naturally designed to do which is to burn fat. The food prescribed is easily available in the local supermarkets and is most likely already in your kitchen. Through this, there is no need for costly and unsafe procedures, such as injections or pills. Cohen’s Lifestyle Program delivers fast results, with clients averaging a loss of up to eight to 10 lbs. a month.
“The Cohen Program has a track record of success in delivering rapid weight loss using only food as medicine. We provide a safe, effective and scientific method of achieving a slimmer and healthier body, where all other methods may have failed. Cohen’s Lifestyle Program takes a holistic approach to losing weight. We don’t just guide you in losing weight but we also teach a healthier lifestyle, including cooking and eating habits and the way you look at food. You don’t need to be a chef to be able to prepare healthy, delicious meals. With a little bit of creativity in preparing food, losing weight can actually be fun. With the Cohen Cook-Off Challenge, we hope to inspire more people to take Charge of their own health by getting involved in the preparation of their own food.” ~Barbara Young, Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre CEO and a certified life coach
Cohen Cook-Off Challenge with Barbara Young, Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre CEO and a certified life coach

The Cohen Cook-Off Challenge demonstrates that you can enjoy healthy, delicious and easy-to—cook meals even on a weight-loss program. With Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, you can now say goodbye to bland food to lose weight rapidly, safely and effectively.

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre offers complimentary information sessions. To schedule an appointment, you may call the Makati office at 828-5251 or (0917) 892-6436.

To know more about Cohen's Lifestyle Program, visit www.CohenLifestylecomph, or visit on Facebook and on lnstagram.

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