Friday, January 13, 2017


Planning a wedding ain't easy but with Weddings & Beyond 25th EDITION WEDDINGS & DEBUT EXPO 2017 they will be bring The FIRST, BIGGEST & GRANDEST Wedding & Debut Expo for 2017.
Weddings & beyond 25th Edition Wedding & Debut Expo on January 21 & 22, 2017 at The PICC Forum, Pasay City
Expect nothing but pure fun, excitement and hassle-free wedding-planning for you and your partner as we roll out new trends offered only by the best suppliers in the wedding industry, all in one roof!

About Weddings & Beyond:
Weddings and Beyond Publication aims to showcase a comprehensive listing of wedding suppliers and feature a variety of helpful articles for soon-to-wed couples in a compact, easy to carry book.

It's approach to Advertising is to create and enhance a mood of excitement, confidence and enjoyment while preparing for the perfect wedding. All essential necessities of a wedding celebration are easily made available by browsing through the pages of the magazine. Useful information from couples will provide awareness for would-be couples on event management, as well as the life after their wedding.

The magazine would boast of its strength on its unique and creative presentation of information regarding wedding/event preparation, balanced recognition of special traditions for different ethnical backgrounds, professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team and flexibility.

Wedding & Beyond has committed itself into making wedding-planning fun, easy and memorable for all our guests. We always thrive to serve all our clients' needs, so we have come up with different ways to make your trips to our wedding expos worthwhile.

And who doesn't want freebies? At every Wedding & Debut Expo, Weddings & Beyond will be giving away free Weddings & Beyond Wedding Directory Magazines. Consider it your ultimate source book of wedding suppliers, the W&B directory magazine is published annually and contains a comprehensive listing of wedding suppliers, their works, and helpful tips and articles about wedding-planning. In this way, you can bring part of the exhibit with you at the comforts of your home.

Weddings & Beyond Magazine

Weddings & Beyond Publishing was established in 2007. It was primarily intended as a companion guide to the expositions the company was originally known for. Seeing that there was a need to create a cohesive, updated and collective bible of wedding suppliers and industry professionals, the Weddings & Beyond (Wedding Directory / Magazine) was established and is published annually.

The book was made as a printed navigator for the series of Bridal Fairs the company hosts within a single year. Throughout the years, it has flourished to become an essential source of feature stories and reviews to everything wedding-related.

The magazine, apart from its creative and aggressive approach to creating traffic for their actual Bridal events, much creative effort is employed in concocting the contents of the magazine to give justice to the prowess of their advertisers and to provide fresh and relevant information to its readers.

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