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Packing is one of my favorite thing to do for an upcoming adventure. I start thinking and getting excited on what to bring, especially what to wear.... and i always imagine the photos that i would take using my mobile phone and SLR..... When traveling, don't forget to make a packing list so you won't forget anything!

BUT always travel light, yes because on your journey you will either always take a walk, go swimming, hiking, bungee jumping, ride a boat and all there is that has to do with travelling... It is always good to travel carrying only the things that you "Must" and will only need instead of digging in your bag, all along a trip, just to find what you needed to use because you've carried a lot of stuff in your baggage or bag. This doesn’t sound enjoyable, right?

I have a simple tips to travelers as of my travel packing of essential needs experience more comfortable and less of a rush, manage to prepare everything in a week in the bag/luggage,backpack that you will be using... and as the day is getting closer you will realize some of the things you put it at first might not be essential to bring on your travel you will be surprised and at the same time you will learn the most important thing to bring when packing for your travel essentials.

First if you're travelling outside the country specially if required for the country you're visiting, always make sure that your passports are intacked, well prepared, and valid. Always make it a habit as well to photocopy all your travel documents from your passports to your airline ticket to other more documents just in case officers from the airport or from the country you're visiting will ask for a copy. Valid identification cards such as government issued ID and passport must be presented during registration for the tour. Please bring these documents with you for a worry-free travel.

Always bring a Water Container DO NOT forget to do so because you will always be feeling thirsty in doing different activities on your travel and sometimes a bit expensive to other local destinations even at restaurants. So to save money might as well bring your own water bottle to refresh your energy. But at the same time do not drink too much water whenever you're gonna ride a long flight and a bus trip because more of ten than not you might have the feel to take a pee all the time...

Make sure you have enough Cash and Coins it can lessen the hassle when commuting and buying in a local store. Remember having enough money makes you buy a lot of pasalubong and souvenirs.... Debit and Credit Card is good to bring as well but remember int he local markets you cant use it ;)

Lets face it not everyone does travel with their own personal medicine kit or that thing we call first aid kit but it's time you must have it on your travel essentials. Have packets of vitamin C, multi-vitamin, paracetamol, medicine for cough and cold, headaches and toothache. I often travel with a small bottle of "White Flower" Ow yes call me old fashioned but i am more relaxed whenever i feel dizzy if I can inhale a bit of its scent and with lots and lots of minty candy as well. It's hard when you travel outside the country and you get to an emergency moment that you needed a medicine that you're used to taking and yet not available in the area that's why it's a must to have your own meds kit when travelling. Be a responsible traveler. Always be ready with your medicine aid kit wherever you go!

Always bring your own Eye Mask and Ear Plugs, for a more comfortable and relaxing sleep on planes or even if you're staying in a hostel or travelling from a bus. In my experience, nothing works better than an old-fashioned eye mask and foam ear plugs. They usually don’t last too long before the elastic wears out, there's a lot of few cheap sets like these. 

Make sure you have with you your own Tissue (specially the pocket wipes one) for a lot of purposes whenever you sweat out of activities and adventures and a Towel for the same purpose as well and for extra thing to use in hotel but make sure it is lightweight and not to huge....

And Eco Bags as well make it a habit to bring Eco Bags as much as possible as many as you can bring, because it is very useful during emergencies that you needed extra Bags for your stuff and pasalubongs.

If there's a must bring essential medicine/first aid kit of course there should also be Toiletry Kit and Vanity Kit when travelling. Even if sometimes hotels have their own sets of toiletries and vanity kits you can still keep it on your next travel. Bringing your own toothbrush is important because some of the free toothbrush on hotels are really hard on the gums to use hehehe that is why I'd rather bring my toothbrush and toothpaste because if you haven't notice most of the toothpaste amount are too little and have this bitter taste so might as well but a travel size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and lotion you can put them all together in a ziplock pouch. With Vanity Kit for emergency purposes bring your razor, cotton buds and makeup kit all the girls would agree with me about this ;) But make sure to travel light your cosmetics kit as well there are tubes you can buy in cosmetics accessories already and its just perfect for a few days of travelling instead of bringing the full size ones.

Taken for granted Luggage Tag i have lots of this but before i don't usually use it not until i realized how important it is when travelling it's like my luggage necklace without it it won't look beautiful. When i first used it I suddenly realized how important it is for me to instantly spot my luggage among the crowd in the airport. Your Luggage Tag is as important as your ID because once you misplace or lost your luggage as long as you had attached a tag on it you can easily be contacted.... Besides it's nice to see your name on it, right ;)

I also suggest that you bring with you your Travel Journal or a Notebook, to take notes of the cities, foods, and people you meet along the way. Simply to take down notes of those beautiful memories. Make use of your Starbucks Planner Dudes ;)

Lightweight outfits such as skinny jeans, leggings, shorts, shirts, and a lot more. Bring as well a big scarf you can do a lot of use of it either cold to comfort you or hot to protect you from the heat of the sun. Slippers are a big help and sneakers because you can wear it no matter what your outfit is of the day. Bring a cup or a hood and always have a small sling bag with you for the stuff you needed to get instantly such as money, comb, powder, camera and little stuff.

Time is precious so always wear and or bring your watch with you to keep in track on the time of the day.....

It can also save you much money if you bring along with you some snacks that isn't bulky even chewing gum, candies, mini chocolates and a lot more....

Your complete must have gadgets and electronic devices you shouldn't forget to bring on your travels such as chargers, batteries, extensions, adaptors, headphones, usb, microsim and all other technical equipment put in an organizer which is lightweight and a see through pouch to easily get what you needed at a time.

And one of the most important travel essentials that everyone shouldn't forget is to bring your good camera quality selfie expert mobile phone that is OPPO F1s.....
A Beauty to See and to hold
5.5inch screen
2.5D Corning, Gorilla, Glass 4 Screen
Two Thread-thin metallic bands

16MP Front Camera
More Light, More Detail
The OPPO F1s uses a front beauty camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture. This allows for more light to enter the camera, and enhances its sensitivity. So you can take natural-looking selfies even in low-light conditions. 

Beautify 4.0
Naturally Beautiful You
Using facial data from millions of users, Beautify 4.0 allows users to capture their very best looks. Blemish reduction has been refined to ensure beautiful, natural-looking shots that are eye-catching for all the right reasons.

A host of plug-ins and filters gives endless opportunity for taking creative, share-able photos, and a new water-marking feature allows users to imprint photos with time, date, temperature and more.

Selfie Panorama
Users can simply rotate the phone from side to side to take a wide-angle selfie. The F1s automatically stitches together the photos to make sure that the whole party gets in the shot.

13MP Rear Camera
Wonderful Night Shots
The F1s sports a 13MP rear camera with an industry-leading imaging chip. A 1/3.06-inch sensor allows the F1s to maximize light sensitivity, making for wonderful nightime performance. The large pixels also work to bump up the dynamic range and give pictures a vivid depth and detail for capturing exceptionally clear and detailed photos.

0.22s Touch Access
Done Before You Notice
You'll know the finely crafter fingerprint reader is snappy, sensitive and durable the moment you first touch it. Though the reader button is a mere 0.1mm thick, its sensor is snappier and more accurate than ever. With self-learning arithmetic, the more frequency you use, the more sensitive it can be. It unlocks the phone just enough for you to prepare your gasp of surprise.

Customizable fingerprint-activated
app launch
Find the App with One Touch
You can set different applications to launch when you touch the sensor with different fingers. You can start up the camera with your thumb and your favorite chat app with your index finger. It's lightning-fast and flexible, with up to five customizable fingerprint commands.

3GB RAM, Faster Than Ever
The F1s' 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor make for smooth multitasking and seamless switching between apps, movies and music. All of your favorite games will cruise.

Dual-SIM+Individual SD Slot
Triple-Slot Tray
The F1s brings user two 4G SIM slots supporting top speeds of up to 150 Mbps and an additional memory card slot to expand storage by up to 128GB. Keeping life balanced is a breeze with the new triple-slot tray. With 32GB ROM, you'll also have plenty of room for all of your favorite media and memories.

Remember carry on memories even if you make it an excess baggage because that is one of the essential of travelling....

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