Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wealth Without Wall Street by Robert C. San Luis Keys to Early Retirement

“I have started an investment revolution and I have brought it here in the Philippines to mark a global campaign that will teach investors how to replace their income and enjoy an early retirement. We build our finances and investments while we are young. We work to prepare for a comfortable retirement, but based on facts only two percent will enjoy financial freedom after they retire from work. And this is what led me to writing this book. Filipinos are talented, smart and creative, but they are still in the dark looking for means to build a stable income. These people also spend long hours in front of the computers doing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. With this opportunity at hand, make use of the Internet to create your personal brand. Focus on investing in a portfolio of assets that can generate the cash flow to replace your working income, once you have passive income equal or greater than your expenses, you are free. ” ~Robert C. San Luis, Author of Wealth Without Wall Street

Robert C. San Luis

  • Top international bestselling author of the book Wealth Without Wall Street -- Seven Keys To an Early Retirement.
  • Finance Guru
  • financial Advisor
  • Business Coach
  • Successful investor
  • Sought after investment consultant in America has arrived in the country on a mission to educate Filipinos on investment trends and achieving their dreams of financial freedom.
  • Born to Filipino parents, who were both doctors that migrated in the US in the 1950s.
  • A successful financial planner to high-net worth individuals abroad and an expert in real estate investments and a manufacturer of housing communities in the US.

Robert C. San Luis decided to take a road less travelled for a family of doctors and found his love and passion for writing. Held a seminar on financial freedom during the launch of his book at the Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.

Are you the type of person whose having a hard time enjoying a gratified life after retirement? Let Mr. Robert C. San Luis teach you HOW on his book the world of finance and investment came up with optimal ways that any one who wants financial freedom can apply with his expertise and experience. And will also help you plan to prosper and investments that can help you retire sooner.

Accoring to Mr. Robert C. San Luis, we also need to build our own business even if we have to start with a small capital. He highlights in his book that people should learn how to replace their working income with passive income by adopting a well-planned approach in investment opportunities.

The Wealth Without Wall Street will teach you how to reduce risk, increase cash flow and enjoy greater financial security. It will also show you how not to work until death but will teach you how to make smarter financial decisions for a retirement lifestyle you desire.

The book Wealth Without Wall Street -- Seven Keys To an Early Retirement will be available in all Fully Booked branches by the end of the month.

So make sure to make a reservation and contact https://www.fullybookedonline.com/contact-us.

You can also check www.robertsanluis.com for more information.

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