Sunday, February 11, 2018


“The light of the world is not only for those who can see; dreams are not just seen in black and white for you are a rainbow of possibilities.”

Yes, a blind date with the blind or visually impaired. Ever wonder how it feels like to have your Dinner Date in the dark literally dark that is because you will be dining with the blinds where James Mackay foundation had organized. I was invited for a simple meet up with Mr. Mark Lester Lico alongside with Ms. Mafae and Co-bloggers. 

Well, we had all grown up and fantasize having our Valentines Date in a fancy restaurant with some expensive meals alongside with a candlelight and roses. But for a change have a privilege to enjoy your date with your loved one and simply experience the feeling of not seeing anything, just like with the blind kids from the James Mackay Foundation. The kids went through living happy and not thinking about their disability of not having to see anything yet manage to live life to the fullest.

The James Mackay Foundation Inc. (JMF) is a nonprofit organization and a corporate foundation that desires to uplift the lives of the disabled and the less fortunate by giving them hope and inspiration. It supports the handicapped for the betterment of their lives and empowers them to be productive citizens of the country.

Mr. James Mackay

Let us celebrate the love month with a heart of appreciating how it feels like to eat with them having a meal without sight and I assure you it will make you appreciate your life even more and love yourself more because you get to enjoy life while they don't get to even see how beautiful life is.

Dinner in the Dark Blind Date main beneficiary of the foundation, Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB), known around the world the concept for high-end restaurants, taking away distractions for guests to experience special cuisines made by the chefs.

It's not always having a romantic date on Valentines Day but Having the heart to share it with the kids who does not only have a memorable valentines day but will also serenade the couples with their talents.

The concept is used by James Mackay Foundation to help spread awareness that we need to "Dare to Care" for people with disabilities, most especially the visually impaired. You will get to realize how blessed you are.

For more information about the Dinner in the Dark that will be happenign this month ckeck out James Mackay Foundation Website and James Mackay Foundation Facebook Page as well as James Mackay Foundation Instagram Account.

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