Monday, March 5, 2018

Davies Colorgram Instagrammable Color Ideas

Colors have an incredible power: beyond the ability to beautify our surroundings, colors have the power to trigger memories and stir emotions. Colors inspire our creativity and our expression. COlors communicate personal and universal meanings and represent a spectrum of personalities and identities.

It was a colorful rainbow afternoon last March 5, 2018, at SM City North The Block together with Davies presents a world where you not only see but also experience the power of color in new, exciting ways. 

During the event, I saw some light colors that lighten up the room that I've never seen before and discovered new colors. 

How Colorful is Colorgram?
Shades of Gram
  • From colored walls, floors, art blocks, pattered corners and 4 uniquely beautiful mood rooms, this is Instagram paradise for your social media accounts

Balls of Color
  • There are three brand new giant ball pits and surely you will dive to the colorful pool size of different colors of balls in it that these will just make your feed explode! Check them out at the Annex, 4th floor.

Coor Qraze
  • Follow the QR codes and find out more about ColorGram or get a chance to win prizes!

The Mood Rooms
What color are you?
  • Sometimes your favorite colors show your personalities and it is often seen in what color of shirts, shoes and even shade of your hair is. There are as many colors int he worlds as there are personalities sitting in the spectrum of hot and cold, relaxed and intense, joyful and calm. Colors affect us in ways that we have only begun to discover. Humans are emotional creatures. Every human has a personal color preference. Colors affect and influence our mood, our physical and mental states, and our perception of the objects around us.  Apply the psychology of color in your homes with the use of Davies Megacryl Semi-Gloss.

Larger Than Life
  • Davies presents a colorful world that's larger than life. A world of pastel where every girl love because its desaturated, mellow colors that play very well with other colors giving us a soothing, friendly impression. Since 1980's pastel colors has become phenomenon trend in fashion. Today, pastels are coming back to trend, as a way for young people to express their personalities through fashion. In home and in interior design, pastel colors remain a staple for creating comforting, welcoming spaces with just the right amount of character. Let your fun side shine with pastel colors from Davies Megacryl.

Space Warp
  • We perceive spaces around us using visual cues, enabling us to create an awareness of where our body is in relation to our surroundings. Each color tone used in this room corresponds to height, width, and depth cues creating an illusion of 3D space in our mind.

It's A Material World
  • Inspired by contemporary installation art and open yourself to the challenge of finding your own creative voice in this industrialized world. Art is the synthesis of creativity and modernity. Contemporary art is no longer limited to paintings and sculptures or defined by style, but by an attitude that challenges norms and accepted traditions. Balance functionality and imagination in your home by using the vibrant colors of Davies Roofshield and Davies Sun & Rain.

Color Gram Event by Davies at SM North Edsa on the following Dates:
  • Shades of Gram - March 5 - 22 at The Block Atrium
  • Balls of Color - March 5 - 31 at Annex Cyberzone L4
  • Color Qrza - March 5 - 31 at Color Gram Areas

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