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Thursday, August 8, 2019

CHAMPION Supra Power with Ms. Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo!

“puting walang bakas”

After more than four decades of providing quality detergents to Filipino moms, Champion ups its game this 2019 with its most powerful whitening formula to date in the form of the new Champion Supra Power, offering superior cleaning with its promise of absolute clean or “puting walang bakas”.

Aside from announcing the release of the new Champion Supra Power range, most of the afternoon was spent paying tribute to Supra Nanays – the moms who, despite whatever limitations abound, still manage to care for and provide for their families through their tireless work, sacrifices, and love, day-in and day-out.

The program hosted by Cerah Hernandez-Co started off with an interview of Champion’s very own endorser and Supra Nanay, Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, where she shared her thoughts on Champion Detergent being the only brand for her that’s able to provide her with the high level of cleaning that she and many other Filipino moms need. She also excitedly talked about new Champion Supra Power and her upcoming TV campaign, before providing media guests and partners an exclusive look at her much-awaited TV Commercial. This was also followed with a surprise mini-digital-film featuring stories of three Supra Nanays that touched and warmed the hearts of the audience members watching. 

Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo co-hosting with Cerah, as they interviewed three celebrity teens namely Ylona Garcia, Heaven Peralejo and Grae Fernandez to talk about their Supra Nanays. Their stories, serving as examples of the types of content Champion hopes to gather for the next phase of their campaign -- #SupraPowerNiNanay – where they’ll be asking consumers to submit stories of their Supra Nanays. Chosen stories could then be eventually featured in a mini-docu digital film featuring those real Supra Nanays.

With Champion’s new and improved formulation, new packaging for the entire Supra Power range, a new TV campaign with no other than Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, and the #SupraPowerNiNanay campaign to gather stories of real Supra Nanays, Champion has quite a lot in store for its consumers for the rest of 2019. 

Champion Supra Power available in four fragrance variants – Original Supra Clean, Citrus Fresh, Sunny Fresh, and With Fabric Conditioner – now available in stores, ready to deliver the high level of cleaning for “puting walang bakas” for Supra Nanays nationwide.

Ang bawat nanay mayroong SUPRA POWER. 
Ang pagkayod.
Ang Pagsakripisyo.
Ang pagpapasaya.
Ang pag-aaruga.

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