Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Southeast Asian Countries Come Together Towards a #BetterFuture4BreastCancer

"It's an opportunity to figure out as a region how best to create and sustain a robust, responsive health system, to project what makes cancer in our region unique, so we are well represented in the global cancer space whether in the creation of global health initiatives, research, clinical trials, advocacy or access to grants. Ultimately, we want all breast cancer patients to have equal access to affordable, quality, timely care. As host, ICanServe designed the event and the program with the help of partners. We struck a balance so we would appeal to different stakeholders, including those in the NGO space, not necessarily cancer focused. We have design thinking, social media, organizational management, even artificial intelligence-related topics. For the health professionals, we will introduce mostly new studies and breakthroughs . There are topics for cancer survivors at any point in their journey." ~Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, ICanServe Founding President
[From left] Giselle Arroyo, ICanServe Volunteer; Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala, Founding President of ICANSERVE Foundation, Inc.; Crisann Celdran, Chairman of the Board; Alya Honasan, breast cancer survivor; Nikoy De Guzman, President of ICANSERVE Foundation, Inc; Teocel Apolona, Project Manager for SEABCS

Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABACS) has been a catalyst for the building of an informal-regional coalition for women’s cancers in the region. A small bump in life can become big in a good way by becoming a unifying force that brings people and countries together.

As we seek to improve the quality of life of breast cancer survivors by enhancing key aspects of the cancer continuum of care from prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, palliative care to survivorship and hospice.

Alya Honasan, breast cancer survivor, revealed the cover of the ICANSERVE Patient Manual at the media roundtable for the 6th Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS). The Patient Manual will be launched officially on the last day of SEABCS happening on September 23-25. It will be downloadable for free at the ICANSERVE website. Looking on is ICANSERVE president Nikoy de Guzman.

Hosted by the ICanServe Foundation, the 6th Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium will bring together physicians, health professionals, cancer survivors, patient groups, governments and researchers from across the region. This year's theme focuses on building a better future for the global breast cancer community.

Over 50 speakers from different parts of the world including Princess Dina Miled of Jordan, former president of the International Coalition for Cancer Control, Dr. Ben Anderson, is an internationally recognized leader in the fight against cancer for the World Health Organization. Former Health Secretary Pauline Ubial will join the three-day conference from September 23-25 ​​with moderators and a panel on nuclear reactors. The event will be held both onsite and online, attracting attendees from all over Southeast Asia.

The ICanServe Foundation is proud to have been invited by the Global Focus on Cancer to be this year’s host and thankful for the support of its partners like the UICC, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), ABC Global Alliance, Reach to Recovery International, Philippine College of Surgeons, Philippine Society of Breast Surgeons, Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, Philippine Society of Oncologists, Inc, the Cancer Coalition Philippines, Suandok Breast Cancer Network, Yayasan Kanker Payudara Indonesia, and Shwe Yaung Hnin Si Cancer Foundation.

Everyone is welcome to join. Registration is free at https://seabcsphilippines.ph/ 

SEABCS is made possible by Pfizer, Roche, AIA, Novartis, De Guzman Group, Nutriasia, Unilab, Healthway  Cancer Care Hospital, In the Pink and Globe.

The Southeast Asian Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS) is a gathering of the region’s cancer survivors, patient advocates, health professionals, researchers, and policy makers in an event to exchange ideas, share successful strategies, the latest in breast cancer, as well as the many challenges that face the breast cancer community on a personal, local and, national, regional and international level.

The ICanServe Foundation is a Philippine-based advocacy group of breast cancer survivors and volunteers that co-creates breast cancer control programs with local government as part of its initiative to promote early breast cancer detection, access to accurate diagnosis and timely treatment, survivorship care, palliative care, hospice care and patient navigation. 

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