Monday, March 27, 2023

SKYGO Rides High with SKYGO KPV150

"The SKYGO KPV150 is the much-awaited SKYGO scooter that showcases advanced and the most sought-after features in a scooter model. The SKYGO KPV150 is starting to gain even greater popularity with riders for its styling that presents strength and flexibility." ~David Ian C. King, Chief Executive Officer of SKYGO Marketing Corporation
From Left to Right : Gino Rosales (SKYGO Chief Marketing Officer), Charvy Caritero, James Biano, Yiwen Zhu, Xiaolin Zhou, Jake Flores (NIVI Vice President)

The SKYGO KPV150 is on display at the World Trade Center during a bike fest and trade show put on by SKYGO Marketing Corporation. The company's most recent motorcycle scooter model, the SKYGO KPV150, was made available to riders late last year.

The SKYGO KPV150 has the features that the majority of riders want in a scooter. It is EFI, has a digital LCD dashboard, an LED headlamp with low beam lights, a USB port built in, and a 12V power outlet. The SKYGO KPV150 is a serious contender in the scooter market thanks to all of its rider-friendly features.

On mid- and small-displacement engines, it has a water-cooling technology that leads the industry. This allows for long-distance riding and sustained power without overheating.  In addition, the SKYGO KPV150 has a front fuel tank with a capacity of 11.1 liters, which guarantees a 400-kilometer range to ensure that riders get to their destinations.  Additionally, its 180mm ground clearance makes it easy to navigate uneven roads. LED tail light and hazard lamp with emergency security system (ESS), adjustable windscreen protector, LED-lit u-box, and front and rear disc brakes complete its robust features.

The SKYGO Pony and SKYGO Magnus are two additional models that share the spotlight with SKYGO. The SKYGO Horse requests to the exemplary rider with its retro look and styling. It has a vertical 100cc engine with an electric start, a hydraulic brake system at the front and back, a retro-style headlight, a full LCD panel, and a seat design that is timeless.

The SKYGO Magnus is a one-of-a-kind cruiser with a retro and stylish appearance that positions it as an entry-level model. The 200cc engine can handle a variety of riding conditions. Its easy control and comfortable riding experience will boost confidence in beginners.

"The stylish appearance, retro design, and its American-style elements make the SKYGO Magnus distinct from conventional 200cc cruisers. This differentiated style has become one of the main reasons why we feel that many riders will enjoy riding the new SKYGO Magnus." ~Gino Rosales, Chief marketing Officer of SKYGO Marketing Corporation

SKYGO aims to bring more variety of motorcycle choices for its increasing number of followers and loyal riders to choose from and enjoy. 

About Us
SKYGO Marketing Corporation markets the popular SKYGO motorcycle brand.  SKYGO has a portfolio of motorcycle products from lifestyle choices to business motorcycles.  It operates a network of retail stores nationwide. 

SKYGO Marketing Corporation is part of the SKYGO Group of Companies that is a privately owned Cebu-based conglomerate engaged in various industries, including importation, logistics, retail and wholesale trade, finance, mobility, transportation, human resource, and real estate. 

The group includes the following companies: New Moto Marketing Corporation, and Sto. Nino de Cebu Financing Corporation, Nito’s Auto Supply Inc., High Leap Shared Services Corporation, Nito’s International Ventures Inc., Trendwell Motors OPC, Recon Masters OPC, and Country Motorbike Corporation.

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