Thursday, March 16, 2023

A taste of Argentina and Japan in one hot bowl

Ramen Nagi has something new for you! 

Ramen Nagi's hot, authentic ramen is always a treat, but the ramen company never stops introducing us to new tastes.

Creative ramen bowls from Ramen Nagi, including the Incredible Niboshi King, the Tom Yum King, and the Crab King. 

New hot bowls of ramen have been developed by Ramen Nagi, who has been combining it with flavors we've only ever imagined.

This time, Ramen Nagi and Bolzico Beef have teamed together to make the Bolzico Sukiyaki King, another ramen dish fit for a king.

The Bolzico Beef Sukiyaki is a tribute to the traditional Japanese meal sukiyaki and is a mash-up of both Japanese and Argentinian ingredients. Sukiyaki is a form of nabemono, or hot pot, in Japan.

Head to your nearest Ramen Nagi branch to taste their new and innovative Bolzico Sukiyaki King from March 1 - 31, 2023. 

The Bolzico Sukiyaki King is available for dine-in and delivery through your app of choice - Grab, FoodPanda, Pickaroo, and ToktokFood. 

For more details, check out Ramen Nagi PH on Facebook or Instagram.

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