Thursday, March 23, 2023

There's no need to “Play Safe”: How to Switch Up Your Sex Life the Safe Way

There's no need to “Play Safe”: How to Switch Up Your Sex Life the Safe Way

Few things make you feel better than having sex with your partner when done right and with care. Be that as it may, with every one of the misguided judgments and mistakes encompassing the point, many couples will generally be provisional with their methodology, logical compromising the nature of their sexual coexistence.

First of all, many people simply don't know what constitutes "too much" or "safe enough" to engage in more daring activities with their partner because they are too afraid or conscious of the consequences.

Is it safe to use dotted or glow-in-the-dark condoms? When can sex toys and devices be included in the mix? Your partner might be open to the idea of using a lubricant. These are examples of questions that are frequently unanswered and can increase your inhibitions, causing you to play it safe for the sake of, well, being safe.

There is no such thing as too safe sex when it comes to safe sex. However, this does not mean that you cannot make room for fresh concepts and experiences that can assist in revitalizing your sexual life. You can experiment in bed without crossing any lines by doing the following:

Begin your list of “yeses”, “noes”, and “maybes”.
The first step to spicing things up is to identify the factors that will help pique your partner’s interest. Separately, write down two things: What you want to change and retain about your sex life, and what you’re willing and unwilling to do in bed. Use your respective lists as an opportunity to meet in the middle and decide on items that match up.

Create a joint fantasy with your partner.
Build anticipation by creating a sexual fantasy that you and your partner can get on board with. Incorporate details that will serve your needs and wants, but be receptive to their ideas as well. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown scenario; a joint fantasy can start with something as simple as agreeing on where to do it or adding something minute to an otherwise established routine.

Add or remove sensory experiences.
Sometimes, merely pleasuring the senses makes all the difference in bed. Other than giving your partner what they want to see and hear, give their sense of touch (fabrics like silk and leather), smell (aromatic scents from candles and oils), and taste (fruit-flavored condoms) a treat as well.

Explore products that can make sex more exciting.
Safe sex doesn’t mean you’re limited to what you can do during sex. In fact, there are now contraceptives that can even help heighten the pleasure a couple feels during lovemaking. PREMIERE Condoms, for one, offer different variants that can certainly elevate the experience. Here are some examples:
  • Ultra Thin
An ultra thin condom for a more sensitive feel.

  • Dotted
Condoms with raised pleasure dots that provide an intense experience.

  • Air
Soft, smooth, and super thin condoms that imitate a bare-skin contact.

  • Nice & Tight
Lubricated with SENSITIGHTR that helps create a tightening effect on women.

  • Cruise Control
Condoms with a special additive to help prolong performance.

  • Glow
Glow-in-the-dark condoms to light up your night.

  • Earthquake
Features a vibrating O-ring for an “earth-shattering” experience.

  • Cool Watermelon
Condoms that give a fresh watermelon taste

A product like EZ Lubricating Jelly, which is a water-based, condom-friendly lubricant that gives the impression of natural lubrication, is another option that might be suggested. You can also look up toys, gadgets, and other products for intimacy that will go well with your romantic fantasies.

Safety and pleasure should always come first, no matter what you decide to do together. A single conversation about your preferred course of action suffices. You might even be able to show your partner this article!

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