Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Colgate Fresh Confidence White Blast, how do you brush the jitters and shine?

“Prior to [Encantadia], I faced numerous rejections during auditions and VTRs. Instead of getting discouraged by these experiences, I used them to toughen myself. So finally, when I got that spotlight moment during the audition, I really grabbed the chance to step up. I really shined thanks to my acting skills, my smile, and confidence!” ~Gabbi Garcia

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So you’re suddenly in the spotlight, how do you brush the jitters and shine? Arshie Larga, Gabbi Garcia tell you how. Confidence can start with something as simple as a radiant smile – and big names Gabbi Garcia, Benedict Cua, Arshie Larga, and KAIA fully agree! Get to hear how they rose from their most nerve-wracking curveball moments by finding the confidence within themselves to shine, now made easier with Colgate Fresh Confidence White Blast!

“A little confidence goes a long way.”

In facing unexpected situations, the first step is to be at ease in your own skin – but there will be times when sourcing that confidence would be hard, keeping one from shining in their moment. How can one pick themselves up, ready to face whatever curveball life throws at them?

This is what Colgate aims to do with Colgate Fresh Confidence White Blast, an upgraded version of their gel toothpaste. Now doing more than freshening the breath with their Cooling Crystals, White Blast introduces Level Up Whiteners to whiten the teeth in as early as two weeks – because confidence starts with a fresh and bright smile.

And speaking of confidence, our favorite celebrities and content creators are just like us – they can struggle with it, too! Gabbi Garcia, Benedict Cua, Arshie Larga, and KAIA have all shared their experiences in finding confidence and shining in their moment, regardless of life’s unexpected surprises.

Transforming challenges to shining confidence

Gabbi Garcia is no stranger to rejections and setbacks – and she felt this most before breaking out as Alena in Encantandia. But in harnessing confidence, she was ultimately able to shine.

This sentiment is also echoed by content creator Benedict Cua, who has also faced his share of nerve-wracking moments; most unforgettable, however, was his first-ever hosting gig.

“[I have] stage fright, [and] it even intensified a few minutes before going to the stage. What helped was reminding myself of all the little things that I do daily to prepare myself for [the day, such as] practicing, vlogging, [and] doing live. That’s when I realized the power of actually believing in yourself. The moment I got the mic, para akong nag-autopilot, from kaba to total enjoyment!” ~Benedict Cua

Shining in every moment

Nerves can easily affect anyone – from a newbie to even the most veteran of stars; and Arshie Larga, whilst having amassed his large community of followers, also shares his own experiences finding his confidence amid his rising journey as a popular content creator.

“During the TikTok Awards 2023, I was invited kasi ako yung magpe-present ng award for Popular Creator of the Year, pero hindi ko inexpect na pati pala ako may award. I was surprised to know that I was the TikTok Creator of the Year. [...] So despite feeling surprised and overwhelmed, I reminded myself of all the people who helped me get to this point. Sila talaga ang nagbibigay sa akin ng confidence to always step up and make meaningful content. That thought helped push me to shine in that moment on stage!” ~Arshie on his memorable experience presenting an award – and winning his own, too!

Last but not least, KAIA has most certainly held their own since their debut, becoming beloved stars in the process – but they’re not without their curveball moments, too. What were these moments, and what helped them rise from the jitters and shine with confidence instead?

For KAIA Charlotte, this would be the time she attended a K-pop concert and unexpectedly had a dance cam pointed to her…for everyone in the arena to watch. Making the most of the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

“Sobrang happy ko nung time na yun kasi nakatutok na sa’kin yung camera, tapos nag-signal sa akin na ako raw. Kinabahan ako pero inisip ko na kailangan kong galingan kasi I was representing KAIA.”

The same can be said for another member of the quintet, KAIA Sophia, whose shining moment came through when she participated in an international reality competition program for dancing.

“[In one of the rounds], meron akong special mention from Jennifer Lopez. Sabi niya, I really slayed the choreo.” ~Sophia of one of the most unforgettable moments in her career

Such motivation, then became her biggest drive to succeed and continue improving in her craft – leading her to the star she is today.

When it comes to shining in one’s moment, these stars certainly bring truth to the saying that confidence can take one a long, long way; but having a strong support system and equipping yourself with more confidence through Colgate Fresh Confidence White Blast can most definitely help you shine in any and every moment.

Get your dose of confidence and shine in all of life’s curveball challenges with Colgate Fresh Confidence White Blast! Don’t miss out on exclusive 10.10 and 11.11 offers on Shopee or Lazada to be one step closer to shining in your moment.

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