Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Filipino healthcare workers discover credible overseas jobs through online portal

“TrueProfile.io serves as a unique online career hub, dedicated to supporting the professional growth of healthcare specialists. We recognize the invaluable contributions made by healthcare professionals worldwide and remain committed to empowering them by providing access to a wide range of growth opportunities.  Our platform functions as a marketplace offering personalized services, including the creation of Digital CVs, Digital Wallets, verification, and concierge services. These services help professionals to secure rewarding employment opportunities that unlock their full potential. Ultimately, our mission is to enhance their quality of life and that of their loved ones." ~Sunil Mudgal, Head of TrueProfile.io.

TrueProfile.io, an internationally recognized online healthcare career hub with over one million members, is expanding its presence in the Philippines to help bridge this gap and empower Filipino healthcare workers to prepare, apply, and secure medical jobs with credible international employers.
Have you ever thought about the idea of living and working in a foreign country? You're certainly not alone. The Philippines is well-known for its excellent educational institutions and medical schools, consistently producing highly skilled healthcare professionals. Each year, a substantial number of licensed Filipino healthcare workers seek job opportunities abroad, driven by the promise of career advancement, better salaries, and the chance to work with cutting-edge healthcare technology. In 2021, the Department of Health (DOH) estimated that 316,000 licensed Filipino nurses relocated overseas, indicating a growing trend as more countries recognize the exceptional skills and attributes of Filipino healthcare professionals. Just this year, the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) reported that by May 2023, 4,000 nurses had already found employment abroad, surpassing more than half of the country's annual quota of 7,000. This underscores the rising global demand for Filipino medical experts.

However, countless others are deprived of the same opportunities. Some fall victim to fake job advertisements, while others struggle to meet the job requirements, have unverified credentials, or limited finances. Fortunately, TrueProfile.io, an internationally recognized online healthcare career hub with over one million members, is expanding its presence in the Philippines to help bridge this gap and empower Filipino healthcare workers to prepare, apply, and secure medical jobs with credible international employers.

Not Your Typical Job Site
Considered the leading marketplace for healthcare professionals worldwide, TrueProfile.io is already a trusted choice for over 61,000 Filipino professionals pursuing overseas careers. The platform’s commitment to supporting the success of healthcare professionals is evident through its strategic partnerships with global healthcare organizations, recruitment agencies, and government regulators. Together, they streamline the job application and hiring process, providing a comprehensive support system for applicants from the initial application through to deployment.

Unlike traditional job portals that burden job seekers with placement fees, TrueProfile.io operates free of charge, removing financial barriers and giving healthcare professionals control of their careers.

Empowering Filipino professionals 
In the past, Filipino job seekers often relied on private agencies, limiting their choices. Today, TrueProfile.io offers access to over 3,500 international jobs, allowing members to shortlist posts matching their experience and preferred employer, role, and location, and apply directly. Applicants are also encouraged to create a Digital CV and save their credentials and licenses within a Digital Wallet. This convenient feature allows candidates to manage and have full control of their information through blockchain technology, making it easier to access and share with potential employers.

TrueProfile.io goes beyond job listings, providing a range of career development services and resources. These include credential verification, licensing services, access to English language preparation, and concierge services. Members also benefit from expert career guidance to choose destinations aligned with their career aspirations. Additionally, they gain exclusive access to a dedicated virtual local community on Facebook, specifically tailored to the Filipino healthcare network.  Within this community, they can exchange insights and address any concerns related to working abroad.

TrueProfile.io’s credential verification service confirms the authenticity of educational and professional credentials, including college degrees, professional licenses, employment records, and good standing certifications. This verification is mandatory for many overseas positions, granting verified candidates the trust of employers, often resulting in priority status, expedited application processing, and enhanced salary offers.

Mudgal further explained the significance of the Digital CV, a streamlined resume designed to enable nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and other specialists to showcase and preserve their verified credentials and skills within a Digital Wallet. This feature significantly boosts applicants' appeal to employers. They can also make their Digital CV visible to international employers and headhunters with a simple click, increasing their chances of being headhunted by recruiters and healthcare partners on the platform.

The Benefits of a Career Abroad
While pursuing a career abroad may not be for everyone, the thousands who embrace this journey often find the experience personally, financially, and professionally rewarding. Tales of hardworking nurses or medical technicians who improved their families’ financial standing or settled their debts by working in other countries are not uncommon.

"Filipino healthcare workers have also been widely recognized worldwide for their outstanding contributions to the field. TrueProfile.io has opened the doors of opportunity wider for Filipino healthcare workers. Since the platform is free and accessible to all, more professionals in varying stages of their careers have a chance to discover and chart their career paths. Our global presence, particularly with healthcare leaders in the UK, Ireland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, offers limitless employment opportunities." ~Michelle Ibarra, Director of DataFlow Group, the principal of TrueProfile.io.

Aside from career growth, Filipino healthcare professionals gain exposure to new cultures, languages, and diverse healthcare systems, enhancing their skills and resilience. TrueProfile.io offers a clear path to a brighter international future in the healthcare sector. Professionals can unlock their full potential by signing up at TrueProfile.io for a clear path to a brighter future abroad.

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