Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The Sweet Voice behind the famous hugot commercial headlines a fundraiser, now does gigs.
Krystle Jove Yague, at 20 has been trained by vocal coach Kitchie Molina and Jeanne Vicars and Annie Quintos does acoustic duo gigs for various independent artists.

The first time i heard her sing i thought it was Juris or Kyla because they both collide has the same wa of singing. It's an R&B and acoustic taste of sound and a bit of a bossanova. It was indeed relaxing to hear her sing i just couldn't stop myself hearing her sing which i look forward of watching her perform live.

If you haven't heard her sing nor perform in a live audience well let me just remind you of the person behind about the most convincing voice over to add emotions to the commercial of the famous international burger chain which used the song "Tuloy Pa Rin" which tackles positively welcoming change from a past hurtful relationship originally done by Neocolors in the 90's.

She, together with her guitarist Justin Ratilla who is a music Management student at Mint College. will headline a fundraising concert entitled #HugotSaTagUlan this July 15 at 7PM at the 3rd floor of II Terrazzo at Sct. Madrinan cor Timog. They will perform tracks on the phases of love from attraction to moving on.
Krystle and Justin's rendition of Jealous
At a young age, Krystle has been recording jingles for various ads like "Chessy" and a lot more. Another commercial to hit the boobtube and airwaves is in the works and Krystle says "It will be big and I'm excited about it." Since her commercial, Krystle has been tapped to do more gigs now in various events and venues. Right now, she and her bandmate Justin is a regular at Alphaland's "The City Club" in Ayala Extension, Malugay St. They perform there every other Saturday and will perform in Balesin within the year. They started doing gigs in Starbucks and from then on has been requested to be part of other engagements like weddings and corporate events. Both music leaders in Victory Pioneer, they see their talent as God's ultimate gift to them because through it they're able to reach more people and infuse positivity and hope to them.
One of my favorite rendition of Krystle ~ Tadhana
"Tuloy Pa Rin" is the freshness of Krystle (which now has millions of views) is because of the fact that she was not familiar with the song before recording it and it had to be sung to her per line. Her rendition thus became so raw and sincere that everyone could relate with it and could feel heart of it.
Krystle and Justin's rendition of Sunday Morning
#HugotSaTagUlan is a benefit show organized to raise funds for Inspire Church's DayCare Center in Il Terrazzo. Other artist volunteers in the show are MOR 101.9's Papi Charls (host), Ang Probinsyano's MArc Solis, X Factor's Kedebon Colim, I Love OPM's Daniel Herrington, Hastag's Tom Doromal and athlete/host Gretchen Ho.
For ticket reservations, please contact Kathy at 0917-858-9727 of follow HugotSaTagUlan facebook account. Tickets are at Php 300.00. Buy your tickets now! 150 seats only!
To book Kyrstle as a solo artist, with a duo or a big band, email She wishes to thank her sponsors Hairshaft, Dermclinic, Zion Shoes and Hair Food Co.

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