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"Pag manalo si Duterte, manok nyu guys, gagawa ako ng maraming cakes, pinakamasarap na cake sa Pilipinas worth 5milyon para ipakain for free siguraduhin nyo lang manalo sya. Mark my word." ~International Pastry Chef Eliaquim Sabejon Labang "Jack Labang" 
Everyone must have never forgotten what International Pastry Chef Jack Labang promised to giveaway 5M cakes if who happened to be the new President now Rodigo Duterte on 2016 Presidential election.

July 1, 2016, I got invited to experience Quim's Cake Bakeshop & Cafe in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

I know a lot of you are one of the thousands and millions of followers/bashers of these trending posts that spread out the curiosity if it's true or not?

I know it's just about a piece of cake but that piece of cake lead to a thousand and millions of speculations that had made a big noise during the election.

But rest assured Chef Jack Labang has a word of honor, and I am living proof. And I know he has a good heart because of all the 100 cakes to be given away twice every month if it isn't unclaimed they give it to less fortunate and or street children. What a good deed right!

International Pastry Chef Eliaquim Sabejon Labang "Jack Labang"
What turned out to be bad publicity happened to be a blessing in disguise and now Quims Cake Bakeshop & Cafe is a known bakeshop along Quezon City. and is a booming bakeshop business.

Let me take you for a tour inside Quim's Cake Bakeshop & Cafe and what they have in store!

Here are some lovely chairs situated at the 2nd floor of the bakeshop


Red Hot Dory Burger!
Red burger bun stuffed with spicy and crispy dory wrapped in bacon

  Pulled Pork Pasta!

Pulled Pork BBQ Burger

 Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce
Crispy pork belly roasted to perfection. Served with special mix of chocolate and bagoong sauce

Sashimi Mango Sinigang

Sinigang with a twist Salmon sushi cooked in mango puree broth.

Quim's Cake Bakeshop & Cafe is not just about Cakes, they also offer a variety of pastry and rice meal as well as Pasta, Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches, and drinks.

International Pastry Chef Eliaquim Sabejon Labang "Jack Labang"

Chef Jhollow Ignacio, The singing Executive Culinary Chef

 Mr. Anthony Haber, Managing Director

With co-bloggers

Mr. Jeffrey Dela Cruz the first ever receiver of the controversial 5M cake from Chef Jack Labang!


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Quim's Cake Bakeshop & Cafe is located at #38 Tomas Morato Quezon City cor E. Rodriguez, Quezon City. Check their FB Page at Quims Cake Bakeshop Cafe/ and Instagram account at Tel. No.s 413-4018 / 0906-3609724.

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