Saturday, February 15, 2020

Ms. Pia Guanio-Mago is the official brand endorser and ambassador of Skin and Beyond Aesthetics and Wellness Centre

"We want everyone to know that aesthetics is not only limited for the elite women but it can be for everyone. Skin and Beyond offers servIces and products at a much more affordable price range, making skincare and aesthetics made for everyone." ~Dr. John Paul Pareja, the President, and CEO of Skin and Beyond Aesthetics and Wellness Centre

Skin and Beyond Prime located in Tomas Morato is the flagship and most premier among its branches nationwide and it celebrated its first year anniversary last January 31, 2020. It's no wonder that a skincare aesthetic like Skin and Beyond is one of the country's pioneers when it comes to the best of aesthetics and skin health & wellness and today, it celebrates another milestone for the brand. Skin and Beyond offer services and products at a much more affordable price range, making skincare and aesthetics made for everyone. At Skin and Beyond, clients are not overwhelmed by the steep prices of procedures, the clinic ensures quality services at affordable prices.

The beauty and skincare industry in the Pnimppine has grown over the past years as more consumers become more attentive towards their skincare and aesthetics, the modern Filipino is investing more and more towards procedures and enhancements not only for the sake of beauty but also to boost confidence and to empower themselves. 

TV Host, Print and Commercial Model Princess Legaspi, Stand-up Comedian Alex Calleja and pioneer YoutuDe Deauy vlogger Ana Victorino were also in the said event.

Skin and Beyond have been in the aesthetics industry for more than three years and in those amazing three years, the center has provided quality services and products as well as irresistible promotions that clients could not say no to. Special promotions like 50% Off on laser procedures and more were some of the deals that you can avail most especially in celebration of the Tomas Morato Prime clinic's first year anniversary. This is a way for the modern Filipino to include and give importance to their skincare and wellness.

Empowered like Pia.Guanio-Mago
She is one special public figure that local brand endorser and ar n for her entertainment host Pia. Dr. John Paul Pareja, the Medical Director and Owner of Skin and Beyond Aesthetics and Wellness Centre. He is also the Owner and CEO Of Spark Industries.

Beauty should be Painless!
There is a saying that goes "beauty is pain" but in Skin and Beyond, we believe that treatments should not be painful or intolerable. At Skin and Beyond, we prioritize the comfort and safety of our clients and that is why we introduce some of the most modem procedures in the industry that's pain-free and will still achieve great results like - HiFU, the high intensity focused ultrasound that's upgraded with the Uiche nanolift technology. with this procedure, it provides the skin some tightening in the most important areas like eyes and chin as well as facial rejuvenation for a more glowy SKin as well as wrinkle relining and volume reduction on the tace. Achieve a smaller frontal face angle and the best part is that it is non-invasive and proven to be bright and healthy.

One of the benefits of this procedure is that it provides enhancement on the jawline area to safe, effective and painless. lt also promotes collagen production which makes your skin look At Skin and Beyond, we believe that skincare and aesthetics should be a part of every woman or man's health and wellness routines just like how we frequently observe our doctor's appointments. By achieving better aesthetics and skin, it allows you to feel more empowered and confident than before in your daily endeavors, so you can achieve more. Feel the relaxing touch of our quality machines and specialists as together, we can create a whole different you and beyond.

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