Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Medical City launches Center for Gender Health and Wellness

The program is designed to provide holistic gender-sensitive health care to the LGBTQ+ community. Different gender identities, particularly those from the LGBTQ+ community, need a space where they can address their healthcare needs in an environment that encourages support and guidance from trusted professionals.

Access to comprehensive and quality health care is one of the vital rights of any individual. It should, first and foremost, serve all colors and harness gender-sensitivity practices within the community. As a way of forwarding this cause, The Medical City launches the Center for Gender Health and Wellness which is designed to provide holistic gender-sensitive health care to members of the LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, plus) in order to maximize their overall health, psychological well-being, and self-fulfillment. 

The center provides services and packages that are catered to the LGBTIQ+ community’s needs to aid them in actualizing their chosen gender identities. Its health care services utilize a multidisciplinary approach, involving primary care, mental health services (e.g., assessment, counseling, and psychotherapy), hormonal and endocrine therapy, gynecologic and urologic care, reproductive options, and surgical treatments, as needed. 

It also offers different programs and services that aim to provide members and families of the LGBTIQ+ community to receive the proper care that they need to support them as they go along in their journeys. The Center for Gender Health and Wellness is comprised of various specialists who are highly trained in their own specializations, specifically in endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and wellness. Also included in the team of experts are infectious disease specialists who will counsel, test, and treat infections, and surgery specialists who will help in counseling and assessing risks and benefits of procedures which include gender-affirming surgeries.

The center is located at the Wellness and Aesthetics Institute of The Medical City, a complex separate from the main hospital with its own elevators and a relaxing interior supplied with laminar airflow to reduce the risk for airborne contamination. It provides a safe and undiscriminating space where individuals can access services on Sexual Wellness, Transgender Wellness, Hypogonadism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Fertility, and Menopause. 

It is now here to pave the way for individuals to make their gender their choice and for them to be able to transition to their preferred gender roles with the utmost care and support that they need.

Packages and Services
  • The Sexual Wellness package provides counseling, testing, and treatment for common sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and viral hepatitis. Con´Čüdentiality and data privacy is assured throughout the entire process, from the time of counseling to the time of testing and treatment.
  • The Transgender packages provide services for counseling for gender-affirming therapy, as well as testing and monitoring for any other possible concerning conditions and effects of the therapy. The gender-affirming therapy includes hormonal treatment and eventually, gender-affirming surgery as requested.
  • The Hypogonadism packages are intended to investigate and treat the causes of incomplete physical sexual development for adults. These packages also cater to females who have not had their menses or who have very irregular menstrual periods, and males who have decreased libido and other sexual disorders.
  • The PCOS package provides risk assessment, workup, and treatment for patients who have menstrual disorders. PCOS is the most common cause of menstrual disorders in the Philippines. These patients may also have other issues, such as male-pattern facial and body hair, as well as metabolic disorders such as high blood sugar and lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) levels, high blood pressure, and obesity.
  • The Fertility package helps determine the fecundity of reproductive-aged women. These diagnostics will guide the obstetrician-gynecologist towards tailored management for patients who seek help in trying to conceive children.
  • The Menopause package helps determine the hormone levels affecting women’s well-being during their pre-menopausal and menopausal phases. These diagnostics will guide proper hormone replacement and symptom relief to help women through their journey in their later years.

Patients can be referred to any other specialists as needed. All existing specialties are more than adequately represented in The Medical City.

The Medical City Center for Gender Health and Wellness is located at 6/F, Wellness & Aesthetics Institute, Podium Building, The Medical City Ortigas.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact the Center for Gender Health & Wellness +632 8999 1000 / +632 8988 7000 ext 6576. The Medical City Facebook Page

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