Thursday, August 6, 2020

Araneta City’s guide for back-to-school in the new normal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students welcome a new school year differently. No more flurry of activity in the morning or a rush to make it on time to school, as classes from preschool to college shift to online.

That’s a big adjustment, for sure, but there are a few things that students and their parents can do that will make online classes a breeze.

Here are five tips to help prepare for online classes. Araneta City’s guide for back-to-school in the new normal

Gear up with the right tech
The quality of a student’s experience during online classes will depend on a lot of things, but one of the most important, is the gadget that they have with them. Whether they want to use a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone in the conduct of their classes, it’s good to have a reliable device that has a high-quality screen, great cameras, and a dependable speaker and mic combo. If the student in your life wants to deck out their setup, they can up the ante by investing in mechanical keyboards and a professional headset. Who said learning can’t be cool? 

Digital Walker, I-Studio, and Xiaomi in Gateway Mall; AV Surfer in Ali Mall; and Gadget Worx in Farmers Plaza carry a wide array of gadgets that are great for online classes. So, whatever device a student needs, whatever their budget, they can find the tech that works for them at Araneta City. 

Prepare a workspace
Having a dedicated place where students can have their online classes and work on their school requirements allows them to focus on their tasks. It’s best to place their workstation in a well-lit and ventilated area. You can also make this area more conducive to learning by placing a few plants on and around the work desk. Some studies have shown that plants can be helpful in improving the concentration and memory of people. This can be helpful especially for students who have difficulty getting stuff done with the distractions around them. It also serves as a visual respite after long hours glued to the computer.

Pick up some house plants and gardening supplies from the Farmers Garden in Araneta City and bring some life to your student’s workspace.

Don’t forget the essentials
Having classes online doesn’t mean that students could get away with doing all of their school work on their devices. It’s essential to break out their pen and notebook to write down essential points in their lessons. According to a study published in Psychological Science, writing with pen and paper does wonder when it comes to retaining more information. So, don’t forget to pick up a reliable pen and notebook. 

Araneta City is the perfect destination for school essentials, with a variety of shops like National Bookstore in Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza, and Fully Booked and Office Warehouse in Gateway Mall. Students will surely find things to get them ready for their online classes.

Spruce up the wardrobe
Getting in the right headspace for class, especially when you’re at home, can be a bit tricky. A simple way to get students in the mood for learning is by having them dress up as if they’re leaving home and heading for school. Wearing clothes that are presentable but comfy can really do wonders when it comes to getting amped for online classes. 

Shop the latest looks at Rustan's Department Store, Mango, and Marks & Spencer in Gateway Mall, or Plains & Prints and Giordano in Ali Mall. Farmers Plaza also has Oxygen, Petrol, and Dickies USA, for those back-to-school OOTDs. 

Complete the entire outfit by copping a few new kicks from Adidas and Royal Sporting House in Ali Mall, Nike and Vans in Gateway Mall, or Rusty Lopez in Farmers Plaza. 

Take a break
Studying from home can be stressful in its own way, so encourage students to take periodic breaks and relax. One of the best ways to take a breather from school work is by grabbing a quick snack. Ordering delightful treats and having it delivered can be a great way to help a student escape the stress of school work.

Araneta City has a lot of great dining options that deliver. Take a pick from the long list of dining destinations and have your food delivered via the Araneta City Assist (through the Araneta City website or mobile app) or the Araneta Citi-zen Personal Shopper (through the myKuya mobile app) when online classes get a little too demanding.

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