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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Loving Breakfast more from a wide range of products that suit the Filipino palate

We Filipinos love exploring different food, we love to experiment with different recipes, I alone love to cook and eat breakfast. But no matter how many food trends may come up, we will always go back to the basics.

Nothing beats the smell of tocino and tapa in the morning while sipping some coffee. Good thing Mekeni knows this! And this is why it offers a variety of home-style goodness that's made true to the Filipino palate and each member of the family. 

Good thing, Mekeni is here t serve us their family specialties. Thankful to experience and try some of our homegrown breakfast favorites such as:

Mekeni Bestsellers:

❤Classic Tocino❤

❤Picnic Hotdog / Picnic Cheesy Hotdog❤

Mekeni Specialties:

❤Chicken Longanisa❤

❤Belly Bacon❤

❤Go Lite Yogurt Sausage❤

❤Beef Tapa❤

❤Pork Tocino❤

Show your love to the fambam through cooking their favorite food! May it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time, make every family time special from Mekeni's products

Love of Mekeni's family specialties delivered to your home.

Halika, Mekeni na!

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