Thursday, October 21, 2021

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo the Newest Brand Ambassador of Mega Sardines

It's a Mega welcome for a Mega Celebration for the Prime Superstar: Mega Sardines holds Sarap, Sustansya at Saya fan meeting for the Prime Superstar! Award-winning actress, restaurateur, YouTube content creator, and super mom Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo who has inspired the masses in each of her projects is officially Mega Sardines' newest ambassador. Whether she's acting on screen or serving up great dishes, everyone is endeared by her welcoming personality, friendly attitude, and never-ending dedication to her craft. With the partnership kicked off by a TV commercial. The commercial features Juday and the Bautista family playing a puzzle game as they discover the benefits that a whole family can get from just a can of Mega Sardines. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo.  Primetime Superstar Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is now the newest Mega Sardines ambassador, representing a brand well-loved by the Filipino community and is a household staple food for most. 

Loyal fans and admirers of Prime Superstar Judy Ann ‘Juday’ Santos-Agoncillo (JSA) have a new cause for celebration as she has been named as the newest Mega Sardines ambassador. The award-winning actress, restaurateur, and super mom now represents the country’s number one sardine brand as she remains one of the well-loved Filipino celebrities with her exemplary passion and attributes.

This event is truly a festive one as Juday, who is considered to be one of the country’s household names, forms a collaboration with Mega Sardines, a Filipino household staple loved by the Filipino people nationwide. Juday, after all, reflects the passion and malasakit of Mega Sardines. 

In celebration of this new milestone, JSA, in collaboration with Mega Sardines, hosted a virtual fan meeting with the media and her loyal fans on October 21. Aside from the opportunity to interact, hangout, and get updates from their idol, the fans also enjoyed an event packed with games, activities and raffle prizes exclusive for them. 

Furthermore, the attendees were also treated to new updates about Mega Sardines’ Sarap, Sustansya at Saya campaign which highlighted the nutritious benefits that Filipino families can get from a can of Mega Sardines, and the good taste that it can offer to ensure that everyone in the family enjoys it.

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