Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Are Beauty Standards in the Philippines Becoming More Inclusive?

Beautyhub.PH is a homegrown online magazine that was published to give Filipinas an inspiring and empowering platform where they can find easy and realistic advice on skin, hair, and body care.​​

Beauty standards in the Philippines are quickly shifting, as empowered women celebrate positive beauty and turn their backs on stereotypes. Today’s Filipino women have learned it’s high time to stop stereotyping beauty and are actively redefining beauty standards to be more inclusive. This shift in thinking has led more women to Beautyhub.PH, an online magazine that promotes equal representation of all kinds of beauty and encourages women to be their own kind of beautiful.

Easy to read, Beautyhub.PH has a casual, friendly vibe that is easy to relate to. It is full of how-to guides, listicles, and simple QAs on inclusive beauty – acknowledging real everyday concerns of women and offering simple solutions and product suggestions, Always inclusive in its approach, the articles don’t impose a single standard or look but cover a lot of ground. In other words, readers won’t feel insecure or compelled to conform to stereotypes after reading the articles, but will instead come up with ideas on how to deal with beauty on their own terms. 

The section on Skin, for instance, has suggestions on skin care routines, as well as informative tips on usual concerns such as underarm care, acne-prone skin, and wrinkles. Haircare concerns are also extensively covered, ranging from haircuts, hairstyles, and the best products for different hair concerns. 

The Lifestyle Section touches on fitness, body care, and natural beauty. Discover how you can use green tea or bergamot oil to feel better and enhance your beauty routine.  For those who need a dose of inspiration from celebrities, there are empowering articles from Pia WurtzbachHeart Evangelista, and Kathryn Bernardo who share how they overcame obstacles and insecurities to love themselves and be their own beautiful.

Because beauty is as much a concern of men as it is of women, Beautyhub.PH also has MANifesto.PH, a section that provides accessible grooming advice for men. It has helpful articles on skincare, haircare, and lifestyle, and also tackles modern concerns such as self-motivation, keeping a positive routine, and the benefits of meditation, to name a few. MANifesto.PH tells men it’s okay to pamper themselves and enjoy some me-time.

Discover what inclusive beauty means and embrace your own kind of beautiful with Beautyhub.PH, and MANifesto.PH.

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