Monday, December 19, 2022

Give Health and Wellness on Christmas Day

"It is normal to share your love during this holiday season through gift giving. But in Santé, we believe that you can express this even more by giving out healthy gift sets because good health is the greatest gift we can give this holiday season." ~Joey Marcelo, Chief Executive Officer of Santé

Give Health and Wellness on Christmas Day. Build a healthier and more practical gift set for your loved ones this holiday season.

When you think of gift-giving, what comes to your mind? Giving and receiving material things is typically the response. However, the way gifts are presented has changed as a result of the pandemic. Presenting healthy and useful gifts to loved ones is becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising given that the pandemic brought everyone back to the importance of putting health first. This holiday season, you can therefore create exciting and healthier gift options like gift sets.

These healthier gift sets may include a variety of items, such as healthy snacks, vitamins, health kits, and medicines. You can add Santé Barley Pure Powder 3g in a box of 30 sachets to make it look better and more natural. The fact that BioGro, New Zealand's largest and most well-known certifier of organic produce and products that promote the highest levels of organic quality, uses certified organic barley grass to make the Santé Barley Pure Powder is a good thing. You can include the sachets for any purpose because gift sets are very customizable.

Here's how you can personalize a healthier and practical gift set for your loved ones this holiday season and incorporate the Santé Barley Pure Powder.

Immune system booster gift set
The pandemic underscored the value of being healthy and having a stable immune system. Viruses and illnesses are common, especially in unpredictable weather. It is essential to combat these by taking the right vitamins and nutrients daily.

You can help your loved ones regain control of their health with an immune system booster gift set that can include daily vitamins and supplements that can fortify their lives. You can add other stuff like facemasks, alcohol, and even an air purifier to level up the protection your loved ones can get from this set.

And, of course, you can add the Santé Barley Pure Powder 3g Box of 30 sachets to help your loved ones get ample protection naturally. One sachet can provide your daily dose of Vitamin A, Vitamins B3 and B9, and Vitamin C, promoting cell growth, healthier eyesight, boosting the immune system, and enhancing energy levels. Adding the Santé Barley Pure Powder makes your normal immune system starter pack gift set even better.

New year diet gift set
One of the most common new year's resolutions for everyone is to lose weight and focus on having a healthy diet. To get back in shape after the endless celebrations, giving out a gift set that will promote health for the new year is only fitting. 

You can include healthy snacks with low calories like mixed nuts, granola bars, vegetable chips, fruits, and local snacks like cassava chips and dried mangoes to make your gift set more personalized.

To make it complete, include a healthy drink that is filling after eating all these snacks. The Santé Barley Pure Powder 3g Box of 30 sachets can complete this whole set because it contains dietary fiber that aids digestive health. Its fiber content can delay gastric emptying, generate a sensation of fullness, and increase bowel motility. With this gift, you can express love by supporting your body goals for 2023.

Santé Barley Pure Powder 3g Box of 30 sachets is a natural health and wellness product offered by Santé. Dedicated to developing a comprehensive selection of everyday wellness products, Santé designed all its goods to improve people's quality of life, to live more, and do more.  

To learn more about Santé Barley Pure Powder 3g Box of 30 sachets and other Santé products, visit its website at

About Santé 
Santé is one of the leading global manufacturers of certified barley grass grown and harvested from New Zealand. With its 15 years of expertise, the company has been a prime mover in the health and wellness industry as it continues its mission to help people live better lives. Santé is engaged in the direct selling and retailing of premier natural health and wellness products and services. The company also has other offerings, including a fitness and rehabilitation center and leisure and recreational facilities, staying true to its thrust of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé has presence in New Zealand and in 7 other countries.

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