Monday, December 19, 2022

Building brand love in the Next Normal: How Mang Inasal redefines moment marketing for and with the customers

“Social media opened a huge door for brands like Mang Inasal to connect real-time with customers. These platforms serve as avenues where we get to discover what makes our customers happy, ‘kilig’ and excited. These overflowing emotions signal to us what we can ‘trendjack’ and enable us to bring the brand within those conversations. Relationship-building with customers is now made faster all thanks to social media. SEVENTEEN’s fans, the Carats, have been tweeting Mang Inasal to support their idols. And as a special Christmas gift to them, we've granted their wish as we were among the sponsors of the SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – BULACAN. For Mang Inasal, Moment Marketing is important because we want to be with our customers wherever they are and that includes the trends that matter to them. It excites us knowing that we are part of the conversation of our consumers because it’s a validation that we remain relevant to them. Mang Inasal is continuously learning today in terms of Moment Marketing and we can’t wait what 2023 has for us. But so far, our strategy is working for us because it allows the brand to sincerely connect with the consumers who talk about us, and create moments that will make them remember us more meaningfully.” ~RJ Jabeguero-Rodillo, Mang Inasal’s Head of Digital and PR

In a consistently changing computerized scene, brands need to set with the times up to remain applicable and associated with their customers. Although it sounds difficult, it is absolutely doable!
This is the Moment Marketing concept. For brands like Mang Inasal, Second Showcasing is exploiting the "here" and the "presently" to carry brands to the very front of purchaser discussions, particularly through something as high speed as virtual entertainment.

Mang Inasal and the value of real-time social listening
A digital marketing strategy that places customers at the center of the ecosystem has been redesigned by Mang Inasal in 2022. It has been able to ride on trends that are most relevant to its customers thanks to its robust real-time social listening muscle.

Man Inasal wins Silver Award in the Marketing Excellence Awards-PH

Mang Inasal’s “16 Cup Challenge” was recently honored in the Marketing Excellence Awards-Philippines with a Silver Award under the Excellence in Viral Marketing category.
In this year alone, Mang Inasal was able to create buzz on social media with several marketing initiatives, such as the “16 Cup Challenge” that happened after SB19 member Stell’s mention of his own Mang Inasal record. It became a three-day trending topic on Twitter, evolving later into a nationwide challenge. This challenge was recently honored in the Marketing Excellence Awards-Philippines with a Silver Award under the Excellence in Viral Marketing category. 

Mang Inasal’s most recent concert sponsorship with K-Pop performance powerhouse, SEVENTEEN, shows exactly how well-positioned Mang Inasal is when it comes to its consumers’ interests.

From being a trending topic, Mang Inasal granted the wish of the SEVENTEEN’s fans, the Carats, and became among the sponsors of the SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – BULACAN.  

Meaningful connections through its digital presence
Mang Inasal’s digital presence has truly evolved past the traditional brand monologues and digital posters. Through its community-powered strategy, Mang Inasal has significantly surpassed engagement targets by 240% and improved positive sentiments across channels, due in part to its more authentic brand tone, raw user-generated content, and community-centric messaging.
From being mere observers of social media to being an online friend listening to its customers’ voices, Mang Inasal’s brand has transformed into an entity that ‘phygitally’ [physically-digitally] takes care of the communities it serves - both within its physical stores and digitally across social media platforms.

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