Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Filipino rapper WAIIAN captures the simplicity of everyday life on “Pablo” music video

“It’s about living life and making music out of it and making music to live a life. I want listeners to recognize the energy that I put into these songs. Luckily, I’ve met people along the way who helped translate my vibe into music. Somehow, it adds extra sauce and interesting layers, sonic-wise.” ~Pablo, the Solo Mission Act

The jazzy, laidback tune serves as the focus track off his third studio album, WEYAAT? Filipino hip-hop artist WAIIAN offers a generous heap of slice-of-life goodness on the music video of “Pablo,” his new single under Sony Music Entertainment.

The MV captures a day in the life of Pablo (his real name), where he finds happiness and contentment in the simplest of things. The Joshua Cecario-helmed visuals depict a young man who lives in the present day and enjoys his routine, from spending time in his home studio to navigating familiar and far-flung places with his motorcycle ride—all lovingly filmed to present moments of beauty that surround him every single day.

Written by WAIIAN himself and produced by Tatz Maven, “Pablo” solidifies his reputation as one of the most exciting young bloods in Philippine hip-hop. The laid-back tune serves as the focus track off his third studio album, WEYAAT?, which was released on December 1, 2023.

The nine-track album is thematically diverse but distinctly shaped by his keen sense of self-awareness. Led by the last track of the same name and new single “Pablo,” "WEYAAT?" is a slang for “WAIIAN, where you at?,” which is his way of reintroducing himself to the world after a three-year sabbatical in music. The groovy but sonically eclectic record also features collaborations with Kashira, a music production company founded by critically acclaimed producers and musicians U-Pistol, Tatz Maven, and Calix.

WAIIAN’s WEYAAT? is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the music video here.

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