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Connecting Hearts through MR.DIY Acts Of Kindness

A 3-leg CSR Milestone Celebration in Panglao Bohol

The second leg of MR.DIY's Acts of Kindness initiative under its Education Pillar took place at Bolod Elementary School, involving students. In the photo, from left to right, you can see MR.DIY's Area Manager for Visayas, DepEd Supervisor Martina Aguilar, MR.DIY Deputy Marketing Head Charles Salecina, Bolod Elementary School Head Marcial Sosoban, MR.DIY Marketing Manager Rina Peralta, MR.DIY Division Manager - South Cebu & Bohol Restifil C. Estrella, MR.DIY Division Manager-North Cebu Charles Kevin Lim, and PEMS Melinda Basalo of  BPIAPS, AVSEU 7.

In an extraordinary celebration of its 500th Store Milestone, MR.DIY, the renowned retail giant, extended its reach to the heart of Panglao Bohol with a series of impactful initiatives under its Acts Of Kindness (AoK) program. This milestone event aimed to forge a stronger bond between MR.DIY and the community, demonstrating the company's unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

Volunteers from different organizations of Bohol: JCI Chocolate Hills, Francisco Dagohoy Eagles Club, Bohol-Panglao International Airport Police, and Bohol-Panglao Maritime Police joined MR.DIY’s environmental preservation initiative in the locale of Doljo, Panglao, Bohol

On February 11, Sunday, MR.DIY embarked on an environmental journey at Barangay Doljo, Panglao Coastline. Volunteers, embodying the spirit of community engagement, planted 1,500 mangrove seedlings to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment. Simultaneously, a beach clean-up initiative unfolded, adding a tangible positive impact to the coastal ecosystem. The day concluded with a beach rally game, fostering camaraderie among the volunteers.

Volunteers took part in planting mangrove seedlings along Doljo's Coastal area, marking the initial phase of MR.DIY's Acts of Kindness Initiative under its Environmental Preservation Pillar.

Continuing the wave of kindness on February 13, Tuesday, MR.DIY extended its reach to the Bolod Elementary School. The educational initiative included the distribution of 500 school kits to as many students, coupled with assorted household products for the school. This initiative, focused on education and family welfare, resonated with the core values of MR.DIY's Acts Of Kindness program.

Meanwhile, at Barangay Danao, the wellness impact unfolded with MR.DIY's dedication to community health. Two hundred beneficiaries received essential medical services, while 300 others benefited from optical care. The total of 500 beneficiaries reflects MR.DIY's holistic approach to community well-being.

MR.DIY expresses appreciation to the organizations that backed MR.DIY’s Medical and Optical Mission. In the photo (from left to right), Panglao Rural Health Physician Dr. Erick In-Uyay, Mayor of Panglao, Bohol Honorable Edgardo Arcay, Philippine Red Cross-Bohol Chapter Representative Keith Ciruela Cantoneros, and MR.DIY Deputy Marketing Head Charles Salecina.

The Acts of Kindness program, an integral part of MR.DIY's CSR initiatives, traces its origins to the Good Bag Campaign. The program operates through four pillars: Protection and Preservation of the Environment, Family Welfare, Education, and Youth Development. The Good Bag Campaign, where the community can actively participate, symbolizes MR.DIY's commitment to driving positive change.

The financial contributions from MR.DIY's CSR initiatives are channeled through the sale of eco-bags, a tangible and sustainable way for customers to contribute to the community. With every ₱7.00 purchase of a reusable eco bag at MR.DIY, ₱1 is donated to partner organizations, further fueling the positive impact of the Acts Of Kindness program.

As of last year, MR.DIY proudly donated 2.2 million to NGO partners through the Good Bag Campaign and AoK Program. This commitment to community service continues to grow as MR.DIY expands its footprint into new communities, solidifying the meaningful connections it builds with the people it serves.

In summary, the 500th Store Milestone Celebration in Panglao Bohol marks not just a numerical achievement for MR.DIY but a significant step towards building stronger, more resilient communities through Acts Of Kindness. As MR.DIY continues to grow, so does its commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

To know more about MR.DIY’s Acts of Kindness Program, head to MR.DIY’s official website at or follow /mrdiyPH on Facebook, and @mrdiy.philippines on Instagram and TikTok. You can also check out MR.DIY’s stores nationwide here:  

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