Thursday, February 1, 2024

DITO Telecommunity Lights Up Dinagyang Festival with Fun Contests and Exciting Activities

"DITO is dedicated to upholding and enhancing the enjoyment of cultural festivities such as the Dinagyang Festival. Through our unique approach, we hope our TODO NA DITO sa Dinagyang activities served as a unifying force, bringing Filipinos closer together in the spirit of shared joy and celebration." ~Evelyn Jimenez, DITO Telecommunity Chief Commercial Officer

DITO Telecommunity's TODO NA DITO sa Dinagyang events transformed Iloilo City into a lively hub of excitement and connectivity during the Dinagyang Festival 2024. Dedicated to enhancing connectivity and fostering dynamic telecommunities nationwide, DITO not only heightened the celebratory atmosphere at Iloilo's significant religious and cultural event but also provided enjoyable platforms for Filipinos to interact and connect.

The celebration at Delgado Street, marked by lively concert performances, vibrant parades, thrilling competitions, and delightful gastronomic activities, generated an enthusiastic and positive response from DITOzens in Iloilo.

In the TODO Gaming competition, the spotlight was on MARTIAL MAYHEM, who claimed the championship, with SUE Legions securing the 1st Runner-Up position. Impressive gaming skills were showcased by semi-finalists Misaki Esports and Red Esports. Meanwhile, the TODO Kantahan contest added musical harmony to the festivities, with Faith Pinedes being crowned the Grand Champion. Ernesto Mendiola, Carl Malone, and Shine Vibar secured the 1st to 3rd Runner-Up positions, respectively. As for the TODO Sayawan competition, Project One dominated the dance floor as Grand Champions, while Fresh Hoodz and Creptnusty secured the 1st and 2nd Runner-Up positions, respectively.

DITO Telecommunity curated a distinctive festival experience by introducing interactive booths, enhancing the overall celebration. Festival attendees had the opportunity to explore the DITO Mobile FLEXPlan booth, where they gained insights into Mobile Postpaid FLEXPlans and savored complimentary cups of their preferred coffee beverages. The DITO Home booth showcased a creative 3D photo booth, capturing moments in an innovative and memorable manner. Those visiting the DITO Mobile booth engaged in thrilling online games, competing for exclusive DITO merchandise. The DITO Rewards booth heightened the excitement, enabling subscribers to redeem rewards and win limited edition merchandise.

During the culminating event, the acclaimed Filipino rock band Kamikazee energized Iloilo's grand festival, turning it into a lively rock and roll concert where the audience eagerly sang along to their popular songs like "Narda," "Huling Sayaw," and "Martyr Nyebera." Local DJs and bands also showcased impressive performances, contributing more to the vibrant celebrations. 

In addition to hosting enjoyable contests and interactive booths, DITO actively engaged in several festival activities as a major sponsor. The company supported the Ilomination Street Dance Competition, Float Parade of Lights, and Dinagyang Tribes Competition. Moreover, DITO sponsored the prestigious Ms. Iloilo Coronation Night. This grand event witnessed the crowning of Alexie Mae Caimoso Brooks as the inaugural Miss DITO Telecommunity, marking a significant moment in the company's vibrant involvement in the cultural celebration.

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