Friday, July 22, 2016


It has been for me a BLESSING for being continuously invited and attending SUN LIFE events and or seminars, because i get to learn and be educated more when it comes to managing may finances.
As the eldest among my siblings it is really hard to become the bread winner and budget organizer as I may call it. With all the bills, house expenses, college fees and even my nephews needs I am in charge... But not complaining because i am happy I manage to surpass and overcome all there is to worry about in life's survival way of living.

For me my goals for my family are:
  • Food to eat
  • Payments for house rent
  • Bills to pay (Electric, Water and Internet Connection)
  • Grocery
  • School Fees and needs (Tuition Fee, Allowance, Books and project fees)
  • Basic needs (Clothes, Shoes, Toiletries, etc)
  • Personal Pleasure (Travel, Dine in fancy restaurants, etc.,)

...and through Sun Life i never even came to realized not until i listened to Mr. Aya Laraya's (Financial Coach of Pesos and Sense) series of talks that i forgot at least 2 much more important that i need to add on my list which is HEALTH AND FUTURE SECURITY

We sometimes overwhelm ourselves with so much pleasure in life that we forget to be secure in health and on our future. To be honest i was always been wanting and interested to know more about INSURANCE but i just don't know which company to trust with.

And YES i found the security I've been wanting exactly for what i needed to secure my future through SUN LIFE

But the question now is -will it be available for me with just a minimum owner- honestly I always find insurance suitable only for Big earners because they have this minimum amount to invest monthly. And with me who have those list of goals to pay monthly I am not sure to be capable and suitable to really regularly pay the monthly investment that i need to save monthly. BUT if there's any alternative way to do so that will suit my allotted budget for it I WOULD really love to be part of the Sun Life Financial Company in the Philippines.

I learned from the talk that: 
Long -term is a strategy or a time-frame, it is not an excuse.
We seldom take for granted what is also needlessly important in our life thinking we have a long way to go and that it can wait. What we don't realize is that we also grow older and as we grow older a lot more additional expenses and budgeting is needed. I was once told by my mother that it is not a funny thing to save a coin no matter how much it cost everyday because there is 365 days in 1 year and that amount of money could have been a large amount now if i could have had saved it long ago. But because i have so much in mind that I forgot to save even an amount of coin which i used to do i came to reality that long term is indeed not an excuse even for a single amount of money to save. It could have been something that i could use to save for my health or insurance for the future.

Managing my expenses is just life the Jar in the photo with candy's..... as the passing of days it will eventually lessen its number so before it does you have to make sure that you have something to replace it or add more into it because int he long run you should always have something left to sweeten your life as you go on with life... as you age. 

So I have to change everything that i used to doing in budgeting and managing my finances. It's never too late it will always be a fresh start and I'm excited to learn more on the next series of Sun Life's Talk looking forward of learning more and more.... Thank You Sun Life!

For more information on Sunlife Financial and Money For Life, visit their website at:

Sun Life Office Address: 2/F Sun Life Centre,  5th Avenue corner Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or 

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