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It is the first ever Zoo Coffee in the Philippines so far and by far that i had visited and as expected from their Restaurant name itself it is indeed a Zoo ambiance with animals around while you're having your coffee. It's as if even if you're alone the Panda is with you to accompany you or the big gorilla can be your partner while studying and those cute little miniator giraffe can share a selfie with the whole family.

July 7, 2016 Zoo Coffee was formally launched it's branch here int he Philippines in one of the central area of Makati City. You will never get lost or it will be easy to look for the Zoo Coffee because you will then immediately see a big as in Super lifesize big of a Giraffe just outside the coffee shop at Alphaland Makati Place Ayala Extension in Malugay St., across The Columns Residences.
Open from 7am to 11:00 pm, Zoo Coffee was originally from Taeyoung F & B of Korea.
Wall Painting of a zebra;s back view. The plain walls are enlivened with the wall picture of zebras exquisitely created by an artist.

The People (Korean) behind hte success of Zoo Coffee here in the Philippines.

Certified for ISO 9001 by Korean Standards Association, their quality green beans selected from all beans of the world which are kept fresh through the import supply chain by Q-graders, ensure the best coffee taste. They are prepared with optimized mixing ratio to provide deep and rich coffee taste.

United Arab Emirates
It boasts of a unique interior concept with landscaping, wall painting and life-sized stuffed toys of “Wild Republic”, a world renowned brand of animal shaped figures which use non-toxic materials and sustainable resources.
One could feel nature not just in the decors at the coffee shop but also in its fresh and excellent quality ingredients.
Zoo Coffee is created with real animal dolls liked by people of all ages, arranged throughout the store.
Free dominated landscape
*Photo credits to Zoo Coffee
A zoo is a source of joy for everyone, young and old as it encourages us to interact with each other and with the animals and nature in them. That is why being situated at the heart of the corporate jungle of Makati, it is the perfect venue to do business or to relax and unwind with colleagues, family and friends of all ages.
 Perfect hangout for group of friends
 Perfect venue as well for small parties
Even for a simple business meeting with the boys (instead of beer why not drink coffee)
And with girlfriends to have chitchat with (With Ms. Ara and VJ Sarah)

Selfie-worthy are its interiors 
as well as its colorful gustatory delights
 The door of the coffee shop is very inviting with the 2 little tiny elephants ^_^
 Lots of different colorful and artistic animal drawings of their collection of mugs...

Zoo Coffee Menu
(Baked to order, kneaded with flour and eggs and matured at the store)
Belgium Waffle
Berry Berry Waffle
Ice-cream Waffle
Banana Chocolate Waffle
Berry Berry Waffle

Honey Bread 
(Bread  crisp outside and soft inside, baked with a lot of honey butter and made every morning at the store)
Honey Berry Bread
Garlic Honey Bread
Iced Honey Bread
Caramel Honeybread

(Healthy sandwiches made to order, with a lot of fresh ingredients in bland-flavored Panini)
Plain Sandwich
Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich
Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Mango Bingsu
 Double Berry Bingsu

Healthy sandwiches made to order, with lot of fresh ingredients in bland-flavored panini.

 Cheesy Hotdog
American Hotdog

It's the heart of coffee with rich flavor and strong aroma, extracted in shortest time from best-balanced coffee beans under pressure. Zoo Coffee’s best offerings are their Dutch coffee, specialty coffee, non-caffeinated beverages, teas, drinks for the Korean palate (I’m Korean menu), smoothies with yogurt and grind fruit (combination of health and flavor)
(sweetness enjoyed with the eyes)

Zoo Coffee will open its second branch within the year in another urban center, Bonifacio Global City at the Fort which I am super excited because it is just near where i live.

Thank You to the beautiful and humble, Ms. Ara Abesamis Mendiola for having me ^_^

With VJ Sarah

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