Monday, August 1, 2016

FERN-C Making Worklife Easier

As a blogger i tend to attend and be invited on events far from my home, from Makati and sometimes my destination for the day are either Quezon City or Alabang which is for me quit far already (not unless shuttle is provided). Sometimes i manage to commit with the invite and travel all the way a lot of things happens during in a spam of day or hours, juggling through the traffic, hurrying to come early and most of the time facing the heat of the sun (most specially to bloggers who doesn't own a car).
Now how do I make my worklife Easier? I simply always bring with me FERN-C my protection against the heat of the sun, my energy booster through the traffic.
But wait there's more after all the days events of course at the end of the day we go home and do our main job and that is to write our blog of the event we went to. Now it is not easy to think and write if we are stressed of the days activities. Yes i take another FERN-C capsule at night to gain all the energy and to boost my mind in having a lot of ideas on writing. 

Trust me taking FERN-C i must say "Subok Na!" and a partner in everyday's challenges at work because "Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!"

Don't forget to take Vitamin C everyday for your daily dose of added immunity and resistance para iwas tayo sa ubo at sipon ngayong tag-ulan. Take FERN-C, the #1 Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C in the Philippines. Dito tayo sa Subok Na!

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