Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DINOSAURS Around The World Passport to Pangea

Do you believe that Dinosaurs ever really existed long before there was human ever created by God?
That's a question I had also been asking since I came to know about dinosaurs during my childhood and yet there are also proof and even photos and discoveries of their bones written and captured in photographs in history that have been told.

But what really amazes and excites me is that it can really become a reality nowadays with the help of modern technology and science. Million of years ago, dinosaurs were seemingly larger-than-life creatures that roamed the earth before our early relatives ever did.

People are still entranced by dinosaurs and their domination over the Mesozoic landscape. They have been infiltrated pop culture references as they continue to fascinate with their immensity both in size and in their diversity.

The Mind Museum hosts its newest spectacle, the international traveling exhibition Dinosaur Around the Word - Passport to Pangea. Supported in part by Mastercard, the exhibition was launched on the Museum's 5th year of bringing science and wander closer to the general public and will run until March 2, 2018.

Your passport to Pangea

With our passport given during the event, we head on to an adventure tour to Pangea, the original supercontinent from 270 million years ago when the continents we know today were merged together. Discovered the life and times of the dinosaurs with the full experience of learning about their habitat, diet, and about nature and events that scattered the dinosaurs and made them different from one another.

I bring along with my nephews and cousin kids whom I know for sure will love about the event and about the dinosaurs. We all enjoyed some of the dinosaurs that we meet. Aside from the advanced life-like animatronics, Dinosaurs Around the World also features an extensive collection of fossils, authentic dino casts, and various activities designed to make everyone experience being a paleontologist for a day.

The world-renowned exhibition has gone to many places since 2015, right before making its pit stop in Manila this 2017. It manages to share all of the world of dinosaurs.

Make sure to book yourself and the whole family a trip back in time to meet Dinosaurs Around the World while it's in Manila, over at The Mind Museum until March 2, 2018.

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