Sunday, September 17, 2017


FOOD AND DRINKS ASIA 2017 a showcase of the new-to-be-market food and beverage, franchising concepts and supplies.

Long before I started blogging I had been attending different expo's in the metro, what i like the most are franchising expo's as well as food and drinks, travel and business ones. Anything that has to do with food I'm in....

Food and Drinks Asia 2017, the International expo on specialty food, delicatessen, confectionery, beers, wines and spirits;  with it's incorporating events, Food Franchising, Grocery Asia 2017; running for more than two decades now, twenty-one (21) years to be exact, continue to provide all levels of food entrepreneurs a diversified showcase of food and beverage products for their options to venture with: for distribution, franchising, repacking, or even for local production.

More than two decades of serving the Filipino food and beverage industry, and the Filipino food entrepreneurs, Food and Drinks Asia opens doors to opportunities in showcasing products and franchising options for the Filipino potential and current entrepreneurs. The industry is a multi-faceted platform of business advocacies and ideas, presenting segments of the food and beverage industry at a much wider angle, giving entrepreneurs a better perspective towards their venture to entrepreneurship.

Food and Drinks Asia also provides budding entrepreneurs with the basic skills and knowledge to open your own venture, and on-site, hands-on experience provide you witht he practical discerment t identify opportunities; you may also find solutions in solving various kinds of situations that you may tackle in launching a business through exhibitos offering business solutions and ideas.

To date Food and Drinks Asia 2017 is truly  food event to behold, with all the exciting product displays, exhibit showcases, special activities and knowledge enriching opportunities one can gain visiting the event, this is a big boost to existing food entrepreneurs and to the potentials as well.

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