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12 Magical Reasons to have your own Belle De Jour Power Planner 2019!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl

Been a Bella before I even became a blogger for almost 5 years now, I had my first ever planner in 2015. I can still recall how I felt gippy dippy yippy when I first bought my first Belle De Jour Planner with the Perks of a Bella and my first BDJ Card.

No matter how the planner changes from each passing year its content and style the good thing that remains and never changes is that the rate remains the same Php 598.00, so it is affordable students who love to own one. 

The new Belle De Jour Power Planner 2019 is a bit different for me, I noticed that it doesn't just emphasize and not only made for millennials but to every girl whose into this stage of the new era.

I was surprised as I browse along the pages the 12 months of the whole year is just so perfect to what I envisioned that I wanted to do and accomplished for the whole year round which I am praying that I could do all of it in a magical way.

Here are the 12 Magical Reasons to have your own Belle De Jour Power Planner 2019!

1. January - Be Amazed by the Now
  • It's good to pause for a while and just enjoy the moment and while you're seizing the moment take at the same time to meditate and relax from your daily lifestyle. You can go to the park or take a quick nearby beach vacation to breathe. You'll be surprised how you can do the things you only thought in your mind because when we are having our normal day to day lifestyle we are mostly preoccupied with lots of works and other stuff that's consuming most of our time. And once you're done you'll come back as a more redefined and with a happy and energetic aura.

2. February - Infuse Love in Everyday
  • To love and be Loved is the greatest of all. Very well said. But at the same time remember as well that by loving someone fully we must first also love ourselves first. Since love is the greatest gift make sure to give it to someone wholeheartedly may it be to someone special, family, or friends. When you give love do not expect the same in return let the other person freely responds to the love you gave. Love makes us do foolish things even crazy things but at the end of the day, it's a fulfillment of something magical given to people we love the most.

3. March - Form Your Tribe
  • I am happy to share that I have my own tribe of most members are bloggers which are better known as Bloggers Philippines. With a different niche, everyone in the group shares their own blogs from lifestyle, travels, food, parenting, business, etc., I am happy that it's more than 3 years now, that's why I always make it a point to conduct a Bloggers Philippines Christmas Thanksgiving Party every December. If you want to have your simple or may it be a small group that can help inspire, empower and encourages other people to do their best in whatever they're good at DO IT.

4. April - Explore the Wonders of "Me Time"
  • This one reminds of the movie "Eat. Pray. Love" I giggle whenever I think of that movie. I myself have my own "Me Time" day every Sunday, I always make sure it's my time to do whatever I wanna do like go out, take a walk, eat somewhere, write something, etc., I've been doing this since college and it helps me become independent in decision making and saying whatever I wanna say. Sometimes having a moment of just enjoying the scene of looking at people in the park helps release some stress for the whole week of work a single day can ease all the stress out for the week. Do it for yourself once in a while you'll be surprised how it could help you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

5. May - Craft an Adventure
  • So perfect for my birth month. It's exactly what I plan to do next year to travel more. Do vacation time aren't only for vacation time because it's good to travel even if its not a vacation mode. I plan to organize my schedule with my Belle De Jour Power Planner 2019, and I love that I have enough spaces to write down the details of my travel plans next year. Plan ahead of time and just wait for your own magical adventures with your girlfriends or you can also explore alone join some joiners travels and meet new friends along the journey.

6. June - Discover Pockets of Joy
  • Have you discovered your purpose in life? Don't worry its never too late and will never be late, not everyone gets to know their own purpose right away. Most people take for granted the things that could help them fulfill whatever will make them happy. Just like what one of the coffee commercials tagline "Kanino ka gumigising?" always start your day with a prayer it helps lead you to a joyful day ahead.

7. July - Activate Your Dreams
  • I always dreamed during childhood fo becoming an astronaut, yes I'm a frustrated astronaut. I told myself if I won't be able to become an astronaut I'll be a Pilot and yet it didn't happen again and so my last option is becoming a flight attendant, yet it didn't happy again. I want to have a job that has to do with flying but my faith didn't lead me to my dreams. As I grow old during my college years there has been some change of what I need to become from what I really want to become. Until now I still want to work anything that has to do with flying..... I find it magical being up there and wonder how do all the stars in the sky really looks like. Remember this Bella's if you have a dream GO GET IT. PERIOD.

8. August - Elevate Passion to Purpose
  • What are you good at? If you know boost it let your passion be an inspiration to others to do the same by helping them improve in what they're good at. Some discover that they can earn from what they're good at while some use it to help others improve. If you can help others you'll find your own passion and purpose.

9. September - Embrace Every Opportunity
  • As the saying goes opportunity knocks only once so when it come knockin' at your door go get it open it before its gone. But also remember if in case you fail do not feel sad about it make it a learning process along the way for you to improve. It will also help you become much more mature and be polished of becoming successful int he future.

10. October - Switch Things Up
  • Change for me is such a big word because it could either break you or make you become a better person. Because what's so sad about change is the thought of hurting other people, the people we love the most by making a big decision that will change our lives for good. Sometimes just by simply cleaning our closet could be scary and surprising actually because by seeing old stuff brings back lots of memories yet the best way to avoid and do not feel the sadness again is to let go of the things that remind us of heartaches and failures. Do not be afraid to change who knows it is the only things that holding you back that will make you a better person for the fulfillment of your own happiness.

11. November - Cultivate a Spirit of Gratitude
  • At the end of the day before going to sleep, the greatest praise we could pray to god is by making him see the goodness of our heart. It comes with being grateful for whatever blessing we receive from his grace. Being appreciated is one of the feelings I always wanted to feel from someone not because I did something good to them but because they acknowledge my simple gestures of giving or making them happy. By simply helping others gives so much joy to me, it gives me more happiness.

12. December - Inspire to Move the World
  • I've always wanted to be part of an organization that goes to different provinces and gives help to what they're lacking. I wanted to give students some school supplies or donate some clothes and if I had much money to feed them. I wish I could have my own group with other Bellas that has the same hearth to help others. 

I hope I inspire some Bellas with my 12 Magical Reasons to have your own Belle De Jour Power Planner 2019! And I can't wait to write down inspiring words at the planner. And look back the end of the page once all is filled with may it be inspiring quotations, plans, schedules, etc., I would want to laugh at the end of it while reading. I'll also indicate some photos.

Along with the planner is, of course, the Perks of a Bella which I always look forward to having. Here are some of the listed discounts and freebies from different establishments:

  • Strip
  • Browhaus
  • McDonald’s
  • Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • Ace Water Spa
  • Ace Hotel & Suites
  • Parisian
  • Celeteque
  • J.Cat
  • Revlon
  • Lipault
  • Curves
  • Mood by Wacoal
  • GAP
  • Banana Republic
  • Old Navy
  • Goldilocks
  • Serenitea
  • Tokyo Finds
  • Crazy About Paper
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Feta Mediterranean
  • Fitness Gourmet
  • Witty.PH
  • Zenutrients
  • Sip
  • Linya Linya
  • Basilur
  • Skinhouse
  • Rated Crates
  • Style Genie
  • GuavaPass
Though I didn't manage to consume more than 50 coupons, If you do, you get next year’s BDJ Power Planner for FREE! I noticed that there is a big change with the use of coupons since until last year the validity of the coupons is within 6 months only but this time coupons can be used from January to December 2019 without feeling the guilt of not being able to use some coupons. I have a feeling that this year I might be able to reach 50 or more, will see! ^_^

The 2019 Belle De Jour Power Planner comes with a beautifully designed magnetic bookmark. You can have your planner customized with your name for an additional of Php 50.00.

Here's the price list of the Belle De Jour Power Planner:

  • BDJ Limited Edition 2019 - Php 598.00
  • BDJ Leather 2019 - Php 598.00
  • BDJ Disc Bound 2019 - Php 980.00

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